Thursday, February 16, 2017

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((The Wednesday Triple: page 2 of 3))
Hector clapped iron around most of them before they got too far, but the now-all-too-familiar sound of a rocket-propelled grenade demanded his attention again. He flung himself and Jada out of its path with a sudden iron pillar, but the force of explosion threw them even farther than he’d wanted, and they went sailing through the wall of a small tower together.

Jada was first on her feet and helping Hector to his, and without even time to think, they were already storming up a flight of stairs while being chased by more gunfire from more yet-unseen shooters.

At the next floor, they encountered a group of four Hun’Kui who, by their expressions, had not realized they were there.

Hector added them to his collection of iron statues.

They found a balcony on the left, along with still more gunfire. This time, however, the bullets were quickly cut short, and Hector saw why. Asad and the others were pushing through the middle of the compound, drawing fire, encasing assailants in glass, and flattening everyone else.

Hector made an iron walkway from the balcony to the roof of the next building over, and Jada didn’t hesitate to run across first. Hector followed, wondering if she was just reckless or if she actually trusted his workmanship that much. As he ran, he was glad he’d thought to include tiny ridges in the iron for added grip. It was a trick he’d noticed in some of Asad’s creations and had been wanting to try for himself.

He heard another RPG launch and saw it heading for Asad’s group, but it never found its target or even exploded. Instead, Diego Redwater bounded up a stack of crates and snatched it out of the air mid-flight, freezing it solid in an instant--a feat which, frankly, Hector wouldn’t have even thought physically possible in temperatures like these.

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