Sunday, February 19, 2017

Page 1341

Again, the rest of us aren’t Rainlords,’ said Qorvass.

True,’ Ezura admitted. ‘Then shall we go see what our kin have to say about the matter?

That made everyone go silent. She’d pretty much won the debate with that, Hector felt.

Evangelina’s eyes fell upon him, however. “What does the young Lord Goffe think?”

Hector was surprised, but after a moment, he supposed he shouldn’t have been. It was more or less his fault that they’d even come here in the first place, after all.

But the way she was eyeing him... Perhaps he was mistaken, but he felt like she wasn’t just asking a question. He felt like she was about to pass judgment on him, like he’d made some mistake and she was waiting for him to either explain himself or apologize.

Maybe that was just how she always looked, though. He’d noticed a similar quality in some of the other Rainlord leaders, particularly Zeff.

Either way, he didn’t see much point in letting it bother him. Not after all that had happened.

“...I think I would like to see things through,” he said. “And... securing all this food won’t be very helpful if a bunch of worms kill everyone before they can eat it.”

Diego laughed, but Evangelina’s expression did not change, and her gaze lingered on Hector for a bit longer before Asad spoke up again.

“Well, whatever the case, someone needs to go tell Zeff and everyone else what we have found.”

A bout of volunteering and counter-volunteering intervened, until at length, the group was satisfied that Diego and Imas would go together while Asad, Hector, Jada, and Evangelina would remain here to watch over the captured Hun’Kui. The pair soon departed, and Hector and the others found a place to sit while they waited.

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