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And certain morons consider that sludge a delicacy,’ said Garovel. ‘Though, I suppose they could also want these for scientific purposes. Regardless, I thought the practice of capturing these things was outlawed ages ago.

I am fairly certain that it was and still is wildly illegal,’ said Atalim. ‘But invariably, that never completely kills demand. In less reputable circles, such laws only serve to drive up the price.

Maybe that’s what all this is really about. To the right buyer, these eggs could be worth more than all the food in the city.

Hmm. Perhaps we should inform the others of our discovery before getting lost in speculation,’ said Atalim.

Fine, if you wanna be all smart and pragmatic-like.

They reconvened with the rest of the group and learned that they had not been alone in their findings. Two more warehouses full of rations and foodstuffs were nearby, apparently, and both contained a vacuum-sealed chamber of their own.

Asad and Imas took point on questioning the captives while everyone else discussed what to do next.

“I believe we should destroy the eggs and be done with it,” the Lady Stroud was saying.

I don’t disagree,’ said Garovel, ‘but that would be incredibly dangerous to do in the city. If even the smallest whiff of pheromone escapes, Babbadelo will be swarmed with worms inside twenty-four hours. I think the safest thing to do is take the boxes away from civilization and THEN destroy them.

“That sounds reasonable,” said Evangelina.

“Whoa, whoa, hold up,” said Diego. “I don’t think we know enough to make that call yet. These things are incredibly difficult to get your hands on, right? What if... someone really needs them?”

The reapers all just looked at him.

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