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Diego raised both hands defensively. “Look, I’m just saying, it would be a shame if we destroyed them when someone might be needing these eggs for something important, like creating a vaccine for some terrible illness that we don’t know about.”

Even Yangéra, the man’s own reaper, was looking dubious. ‘And your concern has nothing to do with the fact that these eggs might be worth a lot of money.

Diego smiled. “Hey, if we get rewarded for doing god’s work, then so much the better, right?”


Ultimately, they decided to wait until Asad and Imas finished their questioning. It didn’t take much longer, as the Sandlords did not seem to be having trouble getting the captive Hun’Kui to talk.

“A deal was struck between the cities of Babbadelo and Ornamegir,” Asad explained. “The eggs were to be transported from here to there under armed escort, purportedly for some kind of pressing research by the Cadaculos, which is the largest medical facility in the Higher West layer.”

“Ha!” Diego exclaimed. “See?!”

Hector heard several reapers sigh in unison.

Yangéra rubbed her skull with a bony hand. ‘I can’t believe he was right...

“What else did you learn?” asked Diego.

Imas picked up where her brother left off. “The eggs were supposed to leave Babbadelo over a month ago, but the railway line that they need to use also happens to pass very close by a recently discovered worm nest.”

There was more sighing.

“Both the government AND the militia around here have been trying to organize a heavier escort, but with a damned rebellion going on, they can’t cooperate on anything,” said Imas. “Not to mention, people aren’t exactly lining up to be a part of such a dangerous mission.”

“The militia has managed to enlist the help of one of the larger treasure hunting groups,” Asad added. “The Akassu. That’s why so many of these guys are wearing green. The hunters were much more eager to cooperate with us than the militiamen.”

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