Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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((The Wednesday Triple: page 2 of 3))
So what’d it say?’ asked Voreese.

Hector and Garovel are in the Undercrust,’ he said. ‘They need your help finding something. Leo took the letter from me before I could read the rest.

My help? Oh, are they lost? Trying to find the way back up to Warrenhold?

Not sure. I think there was something about Rainlords in there, too.

Oh, fuck, seriously? Not THEM.

What’s wrong with Rainlords?

Those motherfuckers collect problems like it’s a contest. Good in a fight, sure, but asking them for help is like asking a guy on fire for a hug.

Roman watched the Courier disappear into thin air. He still had a lot of questions about that, but at the moment, he was more concerned about what Leo was going to do next.

When Leo looked up from the letter, he merely stared at Roman.

...Hey, are you dead?’ said Voreese.

Not yet,’ said Roman. ‘I might be okay. He still thinks I’m just a normal Hun’Kui.

“You ain’t no normal Hun’Kui, are ya?”


“You from the surface?” Leo asked.

Roman wasn’t sure what to say.

“C’mon, don’t be all tight-lipped.”

And Roman felt a sudden pressure all around him. Against his will, his next words were pulled from his mouth. “...Y-yes, I am.”

“What’re ya doin’ down here?”

“...Looking for military aid.”

Leo tilted his head at him. “Ya don’t say? Huh. Well, this is a mighty strange way to go about it, if ya ask me. Why ya spyin’ on me?”

Roman grit his teeth, but it didn’t help. “I didn’t want to ask the w-wrong person for help.”

“Ah. ‘n I guess you consider me the wrong person to ask now, eh?”


Leo offered the letter back to Roman.

Confused beyond all reckoning, Roman accepted it.

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