Wednesday, February 8, 2017

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((The Wednesday Triple: page 2 of 3))
Where is this militia keeping the food?’ Hector asked.

Garovel paused for a look. ‘Why do you want to know that?

Hector met the reaper’s hollow gaze evenly through the mist. ‘Why do you think?

Hector. This isn’t the sort of thing we should get involved with.

Why not?

Because...’ Garovel broke for a curt sigh. ‘We don’t know how dangerous this militia is. They might have servants with them.


So the Rainlords have been through enough. They don’t need to get dragged into someone else’s fight right now.

I was already planning to go alone, Garovel.’

The reaper hesitated and glanced around at their friends. ‘Do you really need me to say it? You’re not strong enough, Hector.

He furrowed his brow and turned to leave. ‘We’ll see.

Garovel floated into his path. ‘Okay, wow, holy shit. I’m glad you have so much confidence in yourself, but we don’t even know what kind of resistance we’ll encounter. These ardor weapons are still a mystery, and they could also have some extremely powerful servants on their side, like I just said.

Yeah. Or they could be a bunch of pushovers. I’m gonna go find out.

Hector.’ Garovel didn’t sound like he was going to relent.

Fine,’ said Hector. ‘I’ll just do some scouting first. If they seem too strong, I won’t fight them. Does that sound fair?

Garovel made no response.

Hector grew impatient and started toward the exit. ‘I’ll take that as a yes.

Argh, you don’t even know where to go,’ said Garovel.

So tell me.

And what if I don’t, huh?

Then I guess I’ll just wander around like a jackass until I find it.

Alright, alright,’ the reaper said. ‘Just hold on a second. Let me see if the innkeeper knows anything else that could help.

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