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Well, this is just wonderful,’ said Garovel.

“None of this changes the fact that we should not leave the eggs here,” said Evangelina.

We could turn them over to the government,’ suggested Qorvass.

And what would stop the militia from stealing them back?’ said Ezura.

That would be up to the government to figure out,’ said Qorvass. ‘We came here altruistically for the food. We do not have to make the eggs our problem, as well.

That’s true,’ said Garovel. ‘And we still don’t have a plan for distributing the food, either. It might be best to just turn everything over to the government and walk away.

Ezura tilted her head. ‘You surprise me, Garovel. I thought you boldest among us.

I just want to make sure we consider all of our options,’ said Garovel. ‘But thank you, I think.

“I think we should go all in,” said Diego. “Let’s talk to this Akassu group. Maybe we could partner with them in moving the eggs. From the sound of things, if we don’t move them, then no one will. Seems like a good opportunity for us. Throw a bit of our weight around, do some good, collect a reward, maybe partake in a bit of treasure-hunting ourselves while we’re at it?” He looked around for approval. “C’mon, this is right in our wheelhouse. I can’t be the only one thinking this? Am I the only Rainlord here?”

Qorvass hovered around Asad’s head. ‘As a matter of fact, you and the Lady Stroud ARE the only Rainlords here, yes.

Diego scratched his head. “Huh. But hey, the reapers count, too, so that’s four of... twelve. Hmm. Alright, I see your point.”

I agree with Diego,’ said Ezura. ‘We should not balk at this opportunity. ‘The rain fears not the torch.’

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