Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Page 1305

Uh, Voreese?’ thought Roman.

Yeah?’ she said.

I think the leader of Lava Base just murdered one of his own comrades. Reaper included.


Roman pulled himself away from the janitor’s closet and started back the way he’d come. ‘Think I’ll just--

A door opened on the other end of the hall, and a man exited. He spotted Roman immediately and called out to him.

Roman tried not to wince and turned around to face him.

Long, frayed dreadlocks. A thick scraggly beard. Tattered clothing.

Yeah. That was probably Leo, Roman figured as he approached. And when he got close enough, Roman also discovered some of the worst body odor that he had ever encountered. He had to stop breathing for a few seconds in order to process how putrid the man smelt.

Leo said something to him, but it was in Hunese, so Roman had to repeat it to Voreese for a translation.

He wants you to clean his room,’ the reaper said.

And indeed, Leo motioned him into the chamber.

Much as he didn’t want to, Roman did as he was bid.

Huge swaths of blood covered the far wall, as well as the desk in the middle of the room. There was no body, from what Roman could see, but he did spot a few chunks of flesh here and there.

Roman bit his lip, gave the man a nod of acknowledgement, and then turned to leave again, hopefully convincing Leo that he would return shortly with cleaning supplies.

However, at that moment, an unfamiliar figure appeared as if from nowhere, phasing into existence right in front of Roman and Leo both.

It pulled its hood back, revealing a face wrapped entirely in dark bandages, and then offered Roman a letter and a cellphone.

Uh, Voreese?’ he said again.

Now what?

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