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“I do not require help in teaching Hector,” said Zeff.

“So you say,” said Asad, “but look at his face.”

“I know that I was, perhaps, a bit unclear, but I will do better. I know exactly where to begin now.”

“Why don’t you just let me take over for a bit. You deserve a rest.”

And for the first time that Hector had seen, Zeff actually smiled.

“Oh, shut up,” said the Lord Elroy.

“I’m only thinking of your well-being,” said Asad, smirking now as well.

“Why don’t you stand back and observe? Perhaps you’ll learn even more than Hector.”

“Oho! Now THAT is an amusing thought--especially considering the fact, as I recall, our record is still 133 to 131 in my favor.”

“Hmph, that means nothing. The last time we fought was four years ago.”

“It hardly matters,” said Asad. “There exists no universe in which your skill is superior to mine.”

“Aside from this one, perhaps.”

Garovel chimed in for a private word. ‘I’m not sure if they actually want to teach you, or if they just enjoy competing with one another.

Water reappeared around Hector, this time surrounded by glass, but the two men didn’t stop arguing.

Well, at least it was slightly cooler now. He wondered what the other Rainlords were up to. The street had emptied of all bystanders a while ago, so he looked around for Dimas and soon saw him standing next to Horatio Blackburn and Salvador Delaguna, along with a slew of others that Hector recognized but couldn’t name. One of them might’ve been Zeff’s sister, but he wasn’t sure.

They seemed to be talking to one of the Hun’Kui that Hector had encased in iron.

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