Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Page 1266

Their game continued for quite a while, and as much as he would have liked to know more about the ancient treasures of the world, Hector found it difficult to keep listening to them just endlessly naming things.

But it reminded him. Didn’t they already have some legendary treasure with them? His eyes went to the bag on Asad’s back.

He could still sense the Shards there. In fact, he’d been sensing them this whole time and just kind of gotten used to the feeling. For the most part. It was like a slow, gentle pulse that existed underneath everything. Easy to overlook when he wasn’t focused on it, but always there, like a heartbeat.

He’d yet to mention this to Garovel, as it had simply slipped his mind, but clearly, he needed to.

...Is it the Sosho’Diyu?’ said Axiolis.

Yes!’ Mevox finally said. ‘That’s it! You got it!



“What is this Sosho’Diyu, then?” asked Zeff.

Mevox was eager to answer. ‘It’s supposedly the final resting place of one of the greatest thieves in history. He was so great that no one ever learned his name, in spite of the fact that he stole enough money to bankrupt five kingdoms.

“Wow,” said Zeff.

Is that all you know of it?’ said Axiolis.

Uh,’ said Mevox. ‘Yeah, why?

Because that is not the whole story.

Oh? Do go on.

The Sosho’Diyu is a term from the Aidai language. In Mohssian, it roughly translates to “the Grave of the Underworld.”

Oh... I’m guessing there’s a reason for that, huh?

Yes,’ said Axiolis. ‘This thief, as you said, was unknown, but the story also goes on to say that he stole something so immeasurably valuable that the Gates of Hell opened, and the God of Death came to claim it from him.

A beat passed as, apparently, no one knew what to say to that.

Huh,’ said Mevox. ‘Well, that’s a bit of a mood killer.

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