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“Ugh,” Jercash groaned. “Where’s Ivan when I need him?”

“I doubt he would be able to help you here,” said Gohvis. “Koh bit Ivan’s head off a few years ago.”

“Hoho! So much for being able to strike a deal with anyone.”

“The Man-Eater is not known for his ability to operate discreetly,” Gohvis warned. “I would exercise caution, were I you.”

“Caution is my middle name’s motto, and exercise is its ugly sister.”

“Stop trying to sound clever.”

“Stop trying to sound... not cool.”


“I don’t know. I changed my mind about insulting you halfway through that, so...”

Germal interrupted. “Would it be alright if I accompanied Jercash as well? Koh and I always travel together.” He motioned with his bloodied stump. “And I cannot ask Nerovoy to come to such a dangerous place in order to regrow this.”

Gohvis gave a silent nod.

“The more the merrier,” said Jercash. “How did you lose that, anyway?”


“Shoulda guessed,” said Jercash. “Has he maimed anyone else today?”

“Not today,” said Germal.

Jercash glanced Emiliana’s way. “Are you familiar with the saying, girl?”

She was a bit surprised that he could tell she was a girl with her mask on. “Ah--no. What saying?”

“‘Don’t mess with the dog.’”

“Actually, Koh seems to like her,” said Germal.

That gave Jercash pause. “Is that so?” He eyed Emiliana again. “And why might that be, hmm?”

“He is that way with all children,” said Gohvis.

“Oh? I never knew that. So the Man-Eater has a soft spot, does he?”

“Most people do,” said Germal.

“Most people are not dogs,” said Jercash.

The conversation continued between the two of them, but Emiliana’s attention went to Gohvis, who abruptly flew up three floors in a single leap and then returned a few moments later with a large book in hand. He offered it to Jercash.

“What’s this?”

“The real reason I wanted you to come here in person.”

Jercash inhaled audibly. “A gift? For me? You do care!”

“Shut up and take it.”

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