Monday, January 23, 2017

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((The Monday Triple: page 3 of 3))
“If you have any idea as to how I can get his attention back to more pragmatic weapons development projects like this one, then I’d love to hear it,” said Jercash.

A beat passed, but Gohvis didn’t answer him. Instead, the Monster picked up the weapon and inspected it more closely.

“The primary problem is fuel,” said Jercash. “Even if we can’t figure out how to build these ourselves, we could always just steal them. But not having a reliable source of ammunition can’t be so easily remedied. Peacemaker’s been helping the Hun’Kui protect their resources, and even if she wasn’t, the refining and manufacturing processes are still largely mysteries, as well.”

“You are asking quite a lot of me.”

“I know, but I would be ever so grateful. And if not you personally, then you’ve got a few smart gents working under you, right?”

“As do you.”

“Sure, but we’ve got our hands full. As soon as I return to Eloa, I’m gonna have Lamont, Kane, and Grant all breathing down my neck. Possibly Carson and Graves, too, since I’m not even sure where they are. Hopefully, your old man will be keeping them busy for us along with Sanko.”

“What about Jackson?”

“Well, I’m pretty sure he’ll be coming after you, not me, but if worse comes to worse, then maybe I’ll just feed Vanderberk to him and run.”

“Without even attempting to fight?” said Gohvis. “Have a few rumors made you so cowardly?”

“Hey, I haven’t survived this long by relying on just strength.”

“No. You have survived this long by getting people to underestimate you.”

Jercash paused at that. Then he smiled and gave a dark laugh. “Well... not all of us can be flat-out unstoppable. I suppose we just come from different schools of thought, you and I.”

“I suppose we do.”

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