Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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((The Wednesday Triple: page 3 of 3))
Emiliana wasn’t sure what he meant. “Um...”

“Don’t follow me? Well, okay, let’s count them, then, shall we? So we’ve got our primary power: the ability which varies between servants. That includes all our transfigurations and materializations and so on. We lump all those together as one power because every servant only gets one, right? Right. Okay.”

“The World,” said Gohvis.

Jercash threw him a confused glance but kept going with Emiliana. “So what other powers do we have?”

Emiliana thought about it. “Regeneration?”

“Ah, yes, but that is not ‘ours,’ so to speak. Regeneration, enhanced strength, and so forth--these things come from reapers, not from us. They must be actively granted to us.” He broke for a moment of deliberation. “But, I suppose it must be said that you lovable mutant freaks may be somewhat of an exception on that count, simply because of all the strange ways you’ve learned to manipulate your ability. But I digress. Try again, girl.”

“...Soul power?” she said.

“That’s right. So between our--”

“The Heavens,” said Gohvis.

Jercash clicked his tongue. “What’re you on about?”

“...Continue,” was all Gohvis said.

“If you’d like to take over, then go right ahead.”

The Monster didn’t respond, and instead merely returned to looking over the materials on his desk.

Jercash exhaled half a sigh before addressing Emiliana again. “So between our abilities and our souls, we have these two major powers. And together, they have created a kind of ‘great duality’ that we’ve come to know quite well over the last few thousand years.

“But the Theory of the Hidden Third suggests that something else exists, as well. A third power that we still don’t fully understand yet, perhaps because we only ever catch glimpses of it. Like with, most notably, emergence. What really causes emergence, hmm?”

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