Monday, January 9, 2017

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((The Monday Triple: page 3 of 3))
Ugh,’ said Iziol. ‘MUST you speak that way?

Yes! Now quit interrupting me!

The reason is a treasure hunt.’

Oh, you thunder-stealing bastard!

“Treasure hunt?” said Asad.

Rumors are swirling that--

No, shut up!’ said Mevox. ‘Rumors are swirling that there’s a crazy treasure trove somewhere around here! Something that’s been thought lost for centuries!

Wait a minute,’ said Qorvass. ‘Centuries? You’re not talking about the Hand of Arkos, are you?

Actually, no, I’m not,’ said Mevox.

Oh,’ said Qorvass. ‘Well, forget I said anything, then.

Axiolis chimed in now. ‘Are you talking about the Shifting Spear of Logante?

Nope, not that, either.

What about the Lost Library of Erudia?’ tried Garovel.

Are you kidding? Why would that be here?

I dunno. That’s why I asked.

Ooh!’ said Iziol. ‘Is it the Repeating Discs of Karugetti?

Nope, that’s not--wait, what? You already know what it is!

I just wanted to participate.

Garovel tried again. ‘How about the Crown Jewels of Yena Maria?

Still nope.

Is it the Golden City of Arnuwe?


The Golden City of Pomurnen?


The Golden City of--

It’s not one of the golden cities. Those probably don’t even exist.

Hey, don’t be like that.

I do not suppose it is the Fountain of Lhutwë, is it?

Oh, wow, no. Could you imagine?

I could, yes.

What about the Daring Doll of Damian?

That dumb shit?! Thank god it’s not that!

How about the Undulating Arch-Throne?

Mevox broke for a hearty laugh, then said, ‘Oh, I wish. That would be amazing.

Could it be the Rolling Fists of Chaos?


“Perhaps you should give them a hint,” offered Asad.

No!’ they said in unison.

Be quiet, Asad.

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