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All things considered, though, Roman wasn’t too impressed with this place’s security. They barely even questioned him upon his arrival; and these weird metallic credentials that he’d spent two solid days learning how to forge properly--the security guards scarcely glanced at them. Even worse than that, for the last few weeks, he’d been working hard at honing his ability to eavesdrop over greater and greater distances, and had reached a point where he could listen through walls--a skill which he had used extensively in preparation for this infiltration. Dozens of conversations, he’d listened to, wanting to minimize the risk of being outed by any questions that the real janitor should’ve been able to answer.

But that was all unnecessary, it seemed. These people hardly gave him the time of day. He’d expected the Peacemaker’s subordinates to be a bit more vigilant.

Maybe they just didn’t see much action around here. The nearest town did seem pretty peaceful.

Come to think of it, with the way Voreese had described the Undercrust to him, he’d been expecting a hell of a lot more danger during this trip, but aside from one encounter with a feldeath, things had actually been rather nice so far. With his control over particle vibrations, the extreme heat was a complete non-issue for him, and most of the Hun’Kui that he’d encountered seemed nice enough. Sure, he couldn’t understand a damn thing they said, but with Voreese as a translator, that wasn’t much of a problem, either. Hell, even that encounter with the feldeath had resulted in another emergence for him.

On the other hand, all of this smooth sailing was beginning to make him wonder if he wasn’t overdue for some truly terrible luck by now.

A sobering idea, to say the least.

He had to remain cautious, regardless of how lazy these people seemed, because if nothing else, he could certainly sense that someone big was here. This presence that he was feeling was not normal. Not at all.

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