Friday, January 6, 2017

Page 1258

Zeff blinked as if suddenly remembering something, and then he said, “Oh, but that is merely the way that I am doing it. It is not the way that it should be done.”

Hector cocked an eyebrow. “Say what?”

Zeff annihilated the water around Hector and then refreshed it. “I am purposely using the most difficult method possible, because, as I mentioned earlier, I am trying to further develop my skills. But, ah--I should explain that, when working with layers to achieve perfect stillness, it is certainly not necessary to continuously strengthen the velocity states indefinitely. I am doing that because I am adding each new layer to the bottom while removing them from the top, which makes the acceleration due to gravity endless--or at least, until terminal velocity becomes a factor, at which point, in order to maintain the training regiment, you would want to--or, ah, no, that’s just going to confuse you. Um. Very well. So, as I was saying, if--ah--if you were to simply add each new layer to the top and remove from the bottom, the technique becomes much simpler to maintain.”

By now, Hector was just staring with wide eyes. “Uh...”

Zeff destroyed his water again, but instead of refreshing it immediately, he rubbed his forehead. “As a means of training, my method is ideal, but for general use, ah--you should not start by learning that. Ah, perhaps, no, we should begin with the layer-less version of this technique. Yes, and then from there, we can revisit--”

Axiolis’ sigh intervened as he floated up behind Zeff. ‘I apologize for my boneheaded servant. Knowledgeable though he may be, Zeff is not the most experienced when it comes to teaching.

Zeff returned a flat look.

Hey, Asad, would you mind helping Zeff? Perhaps you could keep him from confusing poor Hector here.

Oh, I highly doubt that,’ said Qorvass.

Asad gave his reaper a similar look as he stepped forward. “I would be happy to assist,” he said.

Qorvass seemed greatly amused by this. ‘Good luck, Hector!

And Hector just kind of frowned.

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