Thursday, January 26, 2017

Page 1296 -- CXLI.

Emiliana didn’t know what to think. Truth be told, she’d never really imagined that there could be some other power that even her parents hadn’t known about.

“So you see,” Jercash continued, “it’s quite the subject that my best pal over here has gifted me a few clues for. What a guy!” He turned to Gohvis and opened his arms wide. “C’mere, ya big palooka. Bring it in.”

Gohvis did not bring it in.

Jercash nodded and then went in for the hug, anyway.

The Monster only stood there, as reciprocative as a demonic statue.

Emiliana was mainly just surprised that he didn’t try to rip Jercash in half.

Jercash released him. “Did we just have a moment? I think we just had a moment.”

“Do that one more time, and you will not be having moments of any kind ever again.”

Jercash just laughed.

Chapter One Hundred Forty-One: ‘O, perilous mediator...’
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This was the third fortress he’d visited in as many weeks, and admittedly, the famed Lava Base of Dagerto was a wee bit more intimidating than the others, what with its jet black walls that rose to arching points and its many turreted lookouts that linked up with the cavern’s rocky ceiling. Not to mention the various spouts and streams of actual lava running through it. The place even boasted an enormous lavafall in the middle of the compound, passing right by the central lookout’s main window.

And sure, perhaps blending in among the average citizens of the Undercrust was considerably more difficult than it was on the surface. And certainly, most of the servants around here were powerful enough to pound him into an Atreyan steak sauce if they realized he wasn’t supposed to be here.

But Roman hadn’t let any of that stop him.

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