Friday, January 31, 2014

Page 540

“Be back as soon as I can,” said Roman, letting Voreese latch onto his back. And as he crouched down, everyone took a step back. It wasn’t quite far enough, however. He shot up into the sky, leaving a shock wave in his wake that cracked the ground and nearly knocked Hector on his ass.

Holy shit!’ thought Hector, looking up with wide eyes to see Roman and Voreese dwindling from sight.

Then Garovel pointed suddenly. ‘Karkash.

And Hector saw the Vaelish man as well, diverting up and after Roman, obviously wanting to intercept him.

Harper raised an outstretched arm with a closed fist. He didn’t need more than a moment in order to take aim, and then a beam of solid, white light flashed into existence all at once, cutting the sky in two.

Karkash instantly lost an arm, a leg, and half of his torso. He ceased flying up and spiraled off into the forest below.

Nice shot,’ said Darsihm, bobbing his head at his servant.

It was an alteration type, Hector knew. The ability to manipulate light waves. Garovel had learned of the man’s power after his long strategy meeting with the other reapers and had then been kind enough to impart that knowledge to Hector, as well. But even though he’d known about it beforehand, seeing it firsthand was something else. And just like that, the Lt. General had already crippled Karkash, at least temporarily.

Hector could hear the enemy drawing close now. They didn’t seem especially concerned with keeping quiet, whooping and hollering over the already raucous sound of their vehicles pushing down the narrow path.

Then the noise died down, the cars’ engines shut off, and Hector could hear people exiting the vehicles.

I sense a lot of souls over there,’ said Darsihm, ‘but only ten are making their way closer. Half of them are floating, so it would appear we have five opponents.

Until Karkash gets back,’ added Garovel.

Keep the formation,’ Mehlsanz reminded them. ‘Don’t let them separate you.’

From there, a heavy period of silence seized the area. The Abolishers did not show themselves in order to exchange words.


  1. Snowtail the KhajiitJanuary 31, 2014 at 8:33 PM

    Harper: I'mma firin' mah lazar! Bwaaaah!
    Sorry, someone had to say it. XDD

  2. “Be back as I can,”
    Perhaps Soon?

  3. Manipulation of light eh? Very nice. Very wide range of potential application. In theory, he should be able to create illusions with it. He should also be able to *remove* light, causing darkness in a very specific area, blinding the enemy.

  4. He can manipulate light? And he's not even top tier?!

  5. Unusual for abolish... somethings up

  6. Wait... He said he sensed 10 souls, which would mean 5 reapers and 5 servants, but the servants souls are with their reapers right? So wouldn't there only be 5 souls? Maybe I just misunderstood that concept.

  7. Maybe if the reapers are right on top of their servants, their souls might be felt together. However, Frost clarified that the reapers are floating alongside the reapers, so the souls are sensed separately.

  8. Hmm, yeah, that makes sense. Mostly. I was confused because I assumed that servants didn't keep their souls on them and the reapers kept their servants' souls for them. Thanks for clarifying.

  9. Hmm I can't really tell you much without going into stuff that happens later. Suffice to say, under normal circumstances, they each house their own soul.

  10. Yah, the servant's soul belongs to the reaper, but it's still housed in the servant's body unless they've been headshotted recently. Sort of like how your car is yours any you have the keys to it but you aren't always in it.