Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Page 496 -- LVIII.

“So if you’re looking to help,” said Nola, “then maybe you could get us that platoon of soldiers so that we don’t have to steal them.”

David put on a frown. “I’m afraid I wouldn’t be much help with that. I don’t have any sway with the military.”


David gave a small gasp, partly for the impression it would leave on her and partly because he genuinely did realize something. “No,” he said. “Wait a moment. Perhaps there is a way I can help. Do you know where you will be taking these troops?”

“Oh, um. Where was it? Through that big nature reserve, I think.”

“The one belonging to the Carthraces?”

“Yeah, that sounds right. Why do you need to know?”

“Mm, I’m not sure yet. It might still prove fruitless. Allow me to make a few calls.”


He stood from the table. “If you’ll excuse me, then.”

“By the way,” said Nola, making David hesitate, “I have a friend who I bet would really like you. She’s a bit of a chubby chaser, and she would be over the moon to date a prince.”

“Oh.” He didn’t dare risk spoiling her good mood now. “That sounds. Delightful. I look forward to meeting her.”

Nola merely returned that manic smile of hers.

He had to force himself to keep only a brisk walk as he fled the room.

Chapter Fifty-Eight: ‘O, warriors of the fore...!’
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It had been a very fast week for Hector. Half of it, he’d spent asleep, and the rest, he’d spent training. He wasn’t sure if Lynn’s mother didn’t like him very much or if that’s just how she was with everyone. He thought Garovel might know, but whenever he asked about it, the reaper just smiled and shrugged.

His training with Mrs. Edith was more of a one-way thing. He couldn’t really spar with her like he had with Lynn, so the woman mostly focused on demonstrating how to wield a sword properly, as well as helping him figure out what kind of blade suited him best.


  1. Dual-wielding Bastard Swords is the only way to go Hector my man. ;)

  2. By a friend, Nola meant herself?

  3. Ok maybe Nola does want the D lol

    Hector isn't getting his ass kicked by a housewife yet. This must happen!

  4. Totally shipping David/Nola now

  5. Oh. I thought she was going to brutally kill him over and over. Boring...but practical. And, of course, training with the sword is good, very good. Highly important.