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Hector returned a shrug. “Six years seems kinda old.”

“I suppose it is. I’ve mostly stayed out of conflicts, so I’m sure my power hasn’t grown very quickly compared to yours. Voreese and I were more concerned with financial matters.”

“Why would she care about money?” Hector asked. “Why would any reaper?”

Roman gave a laugh. “You probably wouldn’t think it, but she’s actually quite ambitious. Wants to build a servant empire of her own.”

Hector blinked at that.

“Not getting involved in big fights for the first few years was part of her plan, see? According to her, that’s how the servant emperors in the past have pulled it off. Keep a low profile for many years, let your physical power build slowly, and in the meantime, focus on acquiring funds and a reliable network of contacts. Then you make your debut and try to draw in some bigger fish, hopefully get them to join your team. And from there, it’s all about momentum.”

“I see...” Hector looked across the endless canopy of trees another time.

“That’s what she says, anyway. The simplified version.”

“Hmm. In that case... six years seems really young, too.”

“Yeah. That’s the trouble with long-term plans. The world keeps turning while you’re busy getting ready. You remember Gerald, right? That old prick whose garage I took you to? That’s why he abandoned us, you know. He’s more concerned about the future than the present.”


“Networking is a real bitch. My advice? If you find genuinely trustworthy people, hold onto them as best you can. If you don’t have enough space for them in your life, then get a bigger house. Don’t let them go.”

Hector was quiet a moment as he let those words sink in. They seemed wise, though maybe a bit simplistic. He was reminded of a certain family of three. Perhaps that was Roman’s intention. “You... you really want to become an emperor? Like Sermung and all them?”


“It hardly even seems possible--uh, no offense. I mean, like, personally, uh... I couldn’t imagine myself doing something like that.”


  1. Hector is a terrible liar, and trusting, so how long do you think till he tells the others how long he has been dead? I mean Gina knew he didn't suffocate people in his school en masse, so she likely knows roughly how long he has been active?

  2. Just checking...
    "Like Sermung and all them?"
    Is this correct or should it be "all of them"?

  3. Snowtail the KhajiitJanuary 30, 2014 at 8:49 PM

    Well, I think it looks more like a mannerism for Hector's speech. We all know he isn't exactly the best speaker out there. XD

  4. He was active as the Darksteel soldier before the attack at his school, like with Colt so they could definitely believe he's been dead longer than that, he was just much more under the radar.

  5. Yeah, it's correct as it is. Appreciate the check.

  6. Also, she only knew that because she got into the autopsy's, further, how long he's been active has little bearing on how long he's been a servant, it may have taken months for anyone else to harness their powers to such a usable degree.

  7. I'm really liking this chat Hector and Roman are having

  8. That last line.