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Page 538 -- LXII.

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“You don’t think so?” said Roman with a sheepish grin. “Maybe we could be partners, you and I. Build an empire together.”

Hector’s brow depressed. “Uh...”

Roman laughed. “Not up to you. I know.”

“Ah... w-why does Voreese want to make an empire?”

“Delusions of grandeur.”


Roman’s expression softened. “She wants to make the world a better place. And not just in a good-deed-for-the-day kind of way. She wants me to obtain so much strength and influence that I can at least try to fix some of the really fucked up things in the world. Like slavery and widespread famine and institutionalized poverty--y’know, the things that no one’s been able to fix in centuries.”

“Y-you, uh... um... wow.”

“And that’s not even counting Abolish.” Roman laughed again. “She fucking hates Abolish.”

“Garovel’s not a fan, either.”

“Ha. Anyway, yeah, she’s got all sorts of lofty ambitions. But I suppose that’s what I like about her.” He paused to look at Hector. “Don’t tell her I said that, by the way.”

After a bit more chatter, they both returned to their meditations. Not long into it, however, Roman’s hand gripped Hector’s shoulder, taking the young man away from the metal house that he had been imagining.

All amusement had gone from Roman’s face. “They’ve chosen our road,” he said. “Voreese is on her way to inform the others. Tell Garovel.”

Chapter Sixty-Two: ‘The Battle at Rathmore...’
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Hector nodded. ‘Garovel, get back here. Abolish is close.

Voreese can sense them?


Aw, fuck. I sense them now, too.

Roman was stretching his arms. “How you feeling, Hector? You ready?”

“Hell yes.”

When Garovel arrived, the first thing he said was directed at Roman. ‘What’s the enemy’s ETA?

There was a silent pause as Roman asked his reaper. “Voreese says fifteen minutes, at most.”

It’ll take Harper and the Queen at least twenty to reach us. Let’s fall back. There’s a large rock formation west of here called Rathmore’s Gate. Does Voreese know it?

Another pause. “Yeah.”

Then let’s go.

They ran down the cliff’s rear slope to reach their vehicles.


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    To the Reaper Mobile! *Batman transition music plays* XD

  3. Too bad they don't have any super bad, revered, eldrich curses and swears. That'd be cool, but it's good to know that our bombs cross streams, even to the afterlife.

  4. Given the age of most reapers, you're more likely to get this instead.