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Page 470 -- LV.

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There might be nothing you can say that will make her listen.

I guess so...

A beat passed, and the reaper said, ‘Well, we’ve still got a few hours. Let’s come up with something.


Navigating the ruined hallway, looking for any kind of assistance, Luther began hearing muffled cries. And at first, he thought it was someone trapped beneath rubble, but when he followed the voice, he instead discovered his brother Nathaniel, encased in metal but safe.

The sight brought a smirk to Luther’s face. “Oh, Nathaniel. I see you met the Darksteel Soldier in person.”

Only Nathaniel’s eyes and nose were visible, everything else being covered. He could just barely move his head, though, so he gave a kind of twitching nod.

Luther supposed it only made sense. He hadn’t been certain who was responsible for all of this destruction, but there weren’t many people crazy enough to attack Belgrant Castle. And in broad daylight, no less.

Luther’s expression spoiled and darkened. Instead of attempting anything with his bare hands, he began searching the overturned chamber. The desk by the far wall was largely untouched, and he found a thin blade therein. An antique letter opener was all it was, but it would suffice. He returned to his brother with it in hand.

“A pity that I was the first to find you,” said Luther. And at Nathaniel’s confused look, he added, “A pity that you were also killed by the Darksteel Soldier.”

He jammed the blade through Nathaniel’s eye socket.

Chapter Fifty-Five: ‘Thine inherited wills...’
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Like most buildings on this side of town, the Edith household was a modest structure. Brown and gray and a bit worn down, it still retained an air of warmth to it, perhaps due to the potted plants in the windows or handcrafted wind chimes by the front door.

Gina rubbed her face, trying to press the anxiety out of her expression. Her hand absently went to the compact pistol in her purse. She really didn’t want to use it, but she wasn’t especially confident in her ability to convince an entire family to suddenly drop everything and leave the city with her.


  1. End of the Fifth Oath. Beginning of the Sixth.

  2. What is the difference between oaths?

  3. Also, DAMN luther.

  4. Not sure what you're asking. Oaths are just what I'm calling the story arcs. See the Table of Contents.

  5. That's what i thought, I was just wondering if they meant anything other than that.

  6. Oh, whether or not they mean anything else... mmmm, perhaps. I'd rather leave that open to interpretation, though. I tend to craft the titles of oaths and chapter such that they can have multiple meanings.

  7. Holy shit, LUTHER!

    Now I can't sympathize with you at all!