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Mr. Edith was something of a chatterbox and seemed entirely too relaxed for Gina’s comfort. In fact, so did Melanie--Lynnette’s sister. She’d managed to learn all of their names during the drive. The father’s name was Jacob, and the mother’s was Isabelle.

And apparently, Isabelle was not an Atreyan native.

“She came here from Intar when she was twelve,” said Mr. Edith. “We met only a year later, if you can believe that.”

“Oh,” said Gina. “So you fell in love quite young, then?”

“Well, not exactly. She terrified me back then!” He laughed. “We didn’t start dating until we were much older.”

Mrs. Edith pursed her lips. “Jacob, why must you tell her these things?”

Jacob ignored the question. “She’s actually very sweet, once you get past all the aggression.”

“Aha, I’m sure,” said Gina.

“Isabelle’s mother was a government-trained assassin, you know.”


“What? We’re not in Intar. It’s okay to tell people. Isabelle is a bit touchy when it comes to her mother. I’d recommend avoiding the subject if you want to get on her good side.”

Mrs. Edith just sighed.

By the time they reached the bunker, Gina could no longer tell if she or Mrs. Edith was more relieved. She was just starting to show the family around the facility when the King arrived from one of the back rooms.

“Greetings,” said William.

Lynnette’s whole family bent a knee at once. Gina only gave a small bow.

“That is unnecessary,” said the King. “But thank you.”

Gina eyed the gray coat draped over his shoulder. At a glance, it hid the King’s missing arm rather well, but as one’s gaze lingered, it became increasingly apparent that the man was not in the best of health. Pale complexion, bags under his eyes. Hopefully that would begin to change now.

“Your daughter is this way.” The King showed them to the rearmost room where Lynnette was sleeping.

Mr. Edith rushed to her side first. “What happened?”

“I do not know exactly,” said William. “I only know that she was injured after rescuing me. I do believe she will be fine, however.”


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