Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Page 516

“What’d you do to it?” asked Lynn.

“Oh, I, uh... um. G-Garovel was just, ah... he--”

Lynnette waited patiently.

“Garovel calls it a soul-strengthening, ah, technique.”

“You used your soul to make it stronger?” she said.


“Hey!” yelled Melanie. “Do something else!”

Lynn threw her little sister a look. Then the shadow swirled and formed into the shape of a mouth. And it stuck a purple tongue out and blew a raspberry at the girl.

Mr. Edith soon called them back down for dinner. Hector did not stay to eat with everyone, however. He took his plate back outside and continued training while he worked on the meal. The cooks were kind enough to stack the food extra high for him.

Afterwards, Gina came to fetch him again. The sun had set, and it was time to go meet up with Roman at the airfield. Gina was the only one who knew where it was, and the King was quite eager to see his wife again, so they would accompany Hector there before returning here without him. For everyone else, this was goodbye.

He shook hands with all of Lynn’s family, beginning with the father, then Melanie, then the mother.

Mrs. Edith’s handshake lingered. “Thank you for protecting my daughter,” she said, warm enough to make Hector blush in front of everyone. Then she pulled him closer and kissed his forehead.

Oooh,’ said Garovel, snickering. ‘I knew she didn’t hate you.

“Uh, it’s, um--not at all. I didn’t even--ah--”

Melanie chimed in to help him. “Just be cool and say: no problem, ma’am.”

He looked over everyone again, still burning up. “...No problem, ma’am.”

“I was wrong!” laughed Melanie. “That wasn’t cool at all!”

He shook hands with Lynn next, who was probably the last person in the world that he wanted seeing him right now.

“Come back safe,” she told him.

His eyes were on the floor, so he couldn’t see the softness in her expression, but he managed a nod.

That only left Mrs. Goffe.

He made his way over to her, as she had not come to him with the others.


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  2. Thanks for the page, looking forward to the big fight :) Just wanted to point out a typo, "the cooks were kind of enough", pretty sure you didn't want the of.

  3. I realize something
    I'm not sure anyone of them know how Hector became a reaper
    I might be wrong or I might have missed something but his explanation of suicide would make an awesome chapter

  4. Snowtail the KhajiitJanuary 22, 2014 at 10:16 AM

    One word: D'AAAWWWWWW.
    I knew I liked Mrs. Edith. :3
    …Now let's have is mom ruin my happy moment.

  5. Too many words here...
    "Then the shadow swirled and formed into the shape [the shape] of a mouth."
    "He made his way over to her, as she [he] had not come to him with the others."

    I've probably said it before, but... Lynn's family is awesome.

  6. I KNEW Mrs. Edith was going to take on a mother figure status for him. Hector keeps saying he's all his mom has, but that's wrong: she's all *he* has. Until now, nobody could replace what he so desperately needed from her, and never got. He already lost the chance forever from his dad (he never had a chance either, but that's beside the point). Start getting it from somebody else after all, and he might finally be able to let the whole thing with his mom go.

    The bit with Melanie was great too. Lasting good is starting to creep in - Hector's found an entire foster family, potentially.

  7. Yeah I was hoping that Isabelle would become a surrogate mother for Hector. She already has two daughters, now she can finally have the son to even her up lol.

    Seriously, though, I just want Isabelle to dropkick Vanessa just one time. Just one time!

  8. Dammit! Why couldn't he just leave it well enough alone! Forget bout her, Hector! Your new family is right next to you!

  9. Hector/Lynn is so close to canon
    Mr. Frost most likely disagrees, though