Friday, January 24, 2014

Page 524

There are equivalent rankings in the air and naval forces which would also be considered “higher up” than Lt. General, but you get the idea,’ said Garovel.

Yeah,’ said Hector.

As the salutations concluded, a certain tension began to fill the air. Everyone knew there was still dangerous work ahead of them. And just like that, it was already time for goodbyes again.

Gina gave a last hug to Roman. She had one for Hector, too, which caught him by surprise. “Look out for each other, yeah?”

“Of course,” said Roman, to which Hector added a nod.

Another round of handshakes and reluctant words for the King, and then he and Gina took their leave. Only the servants and reapers now remained, making their way toward the next set of vehicles.

Voreese started them off. ‘So we only know that the enemy will be passing through the Carthrace Nature Reserve. That’s a lot of ground to scout with just the eight of us, but we know that they have to cross the border into Rendon, so I say we keep a line formation.

They won’t be difficult to spot,’ said Mehlsanz. ‘They’re taking a whole platoon of soldiers with them, so scouting shouldn’t be too much of a problem, especially considering we also have the element of surprise.

It’s still four against seven,’ said Garovel. ‘Much of the burden will fall upon Harper. The rest of us should form up around him as soon as possible and support his position.

“Let’s get underway,” said Harper. “The four of you can discuss details while we’re en route.”


David couldn’t sleep. He knew too much about what would transpire tomorrow for that to be possible. It was the sense of powerlessness that really got to him. Hector hadn’t messaged him back. Admittedly, that was the smartest decision. Strictly speaking, David didn’t need to know how or even if Hector planned to respond to Abolish’s actions. It would’ve been a needless operational risk. David still would’ve appreciated it, though.

Draped in a soft bathrobe, he shuffled into his kitchen, looking for something to calm his nerves.


  1. Snowtail the KhajiitJanuary 24, 2014 at 7:43 AM

    Aww. Poor David.
    Y'know, I didn't like him at first, but now he's one of my favorites. X3

  2. Ah, I hate it when big fights happen when you're only updating once or twice a day... I guess not even the twice-weekly bonus days will be enough to get a flow going. It would be so much easier to just stay away until the arc is over, but I probably won't...

    Just out of curiosity... will the fight be over at the end of this Oath? By my estimation, Oaths are about eleven chapters long, so we still have five or six chapters to go... Are you doing this on purpose or do the Oaths just turn out to be this long?

    Sigh... I know you've accused us of pessimism before, but I really do have a bad feeling about this. Someone's going to die...

  3. You know, ever since David used the "I want to join Abolish" line, I've been dreading Psycho Girl suddenly appearing and telling him "good news! they accepted!" and then stab him.

  4. Hmm. I suppose I could increase it to three bonus days a week, if you guys like. But that also means that the we'll run out of bonus days faster, too.

    The Sixth Oath won't conclude until the fight is over. I try to keep the story arcs to about 10-ish chapters, but y'know, that's not a rule 'r anything. They're as long as I need them to be in order to for that part of the story to feel "complete."

  5. Snowtail the KhajiitJanuary 25, 2014 at 10:29 AM

    That laugh of yours is unnerving, Frosty. XD

  6. I somehow forgot to what have happened to Roman colleagues; the Pancake House Five, i meant, none of them going to help him? Fleeing Atreya was it?