Saturday, January 18, 2014

Page 505

<“...I guess you are unavailable. Pity. I was hoping you could assist my friends with a very valuable and time-sensitive opportunity. I will send you a text with the details, instead. I hope you receive it soon.”>

Everyone waited.

“Time-sensitive?” said Melanie. She did not look very much like her older sister. She seemed to take more after their father than Lynn did.

Gina pulled out her own phone. “I guess that means I should get ready to call Master Roman.”

When the text arrived, Hector let Gina be the one to read it aloud.


The chamber didn’t look like it belonged to a captain of the Vanguard in the slightest. An entertainment system filled one wall entirely, and Helen could see a shelf full of video games and movies, which seemed to have seen frequent use if their current state of disarray was any indication.

It had taken days to find the Vanguard in Intar. The country was massive, and apparently the group stationed here quite enjoyed its secrecy. Voreese had suggested they just start making a mess of things and wait for the Vanguard to show up, but she was outvoted. Despite how poorly their previous encounter with the Vanguard had gone, Helen still felt that they needed to make a good first impression to have any chance of acquiring assistance.

Indeed, these Intarian servants were a far cry from the ones in Callum. They didn’t put on a welcoming fa├žade here. They openly distrusted Helen and Roman as soon as initial contact was made. And even though it made things more difficult, Helen was more appreciative for it, and she felt slightly more inclined to trust these people.

That being said, she had still been unable to make any progress with negotiations.

The Vanguard’s regional captain was a very young boy by the name of Bartholomew Erickson. He didn’t look any older than ten years, so she was rather hesitant to speak to him at first, but the boy’s reaper, Kohzek, was the one who did most of the talking, anyway. It soon became apparent, however, that Bartholomew was almost as old as Helen.


  1. Ah so servants don't age at all. Wow...

  2. This chapter answered a question that has been bugging me since the beginning. This should he interesting for the Queen and her husband.

  3. Funny enough, I have a child character named Bartholomew in DnD. He's gone through a couple iterations but it usually involves him gaining access to some form of power beyond mortal ken. He's a lot of fun, whether he's the wide eyed child who wants to be a hero or the young thief forced into it.

  4. I hope this doesn't offend you (it's not intended to) but that should be pretty obvious because they can be like thousands of years old.

  5. Dungeons & Dragons

  6. It wasn't obvious. I understand the difference between everlasting life and everlasting youth. And which servant in-story is thousands of years old?