Thursday, January 29, 2015

Page 970

Hector sighed through his nose. ‘Why do you have to torture me like this?

Shits and giggles, primarily.


Oh, come on. This is adorable. Just try thinking about something else. Like why we’ve stopped or where Dimas went.

Hector hesitated. He hadn’t even noticed that the man was gone. He couldn’t hear the rain anymore, either.

You’ve all been out for a while,’ Garovel went on. ‘We’ve already reached the Waress Mountains.

...I’ve heard of those, I think.

I should hope so. They divide the whole friggin’ continent.


Also, we flew over them when we left Kuros.


We’re gonna have to get you an atlas or something when we get back to Warrenhold. Oh, or you could craft a big iron globe! That could be a neat project. Make it big enough for people to walk into and look at from the inside. I saw a globe like that once. It got destroyed in a fire, though. Yeah, I should definitely have you recreate it. Could be good for tourism, too. Though, if it’s for tourism, then it might be best to put it above ground somewhere. Hmm. It’d look good underground, too, I’m sure. Maybe we could just have--

Uh, Garovel?


Where DID Dimas go?

Oh, he’s scouting ahead to make sure the Tunnels are safe.


Yup. That’s the other reason why I woke you up. You haven’t seen them before, have you? The Waress Tunnels?

Hector tilted his head. ‘Uh...

C’mon, then. Get out of the car.

But I’ll wake up Ramira if I move...

Eh, I think you can avoid waking her. C’mon.

Slowly, Hector pulled himself away from the little girl. He tried not to jostle her too much.

She woke up, anyway.

Hector threw Garovel a look.

The reaper shrugged. ‘Well, maybe she’ll want to see them, too.

Hector tried to apologize to Ramira, but she didn’t seem too concerned about it, and then Marcos and Emiliana began to stir as well. In the end, they just exited the vehicle together.

And finally, Hector could see what all the fuss was about.

A rocky cliff face towered before the entourage of limousines. It shot up at such a steep angle that, if not for its eroded ridges, Hector would have thought it was manmade. And yet, even with how tall it was and how much of his vision it consumed, the mountain peaks behind it were still more gigantic.


  1. To think a new poster would be here first. Slight shame on you regular fans. Oh well. Let us wait for the next page. Garovel schemes to earn money reached a new level.

  2. That's because Frost enjoy posting at semi-random times.

  3. A new awesome level. I really want to see that globe. :D

  4. Does the Waress Mountain really divide the whole continent, or just Sair?

  5. Maybe it's cause quite a few of us have caught him right when he posted a page. Perhaps he's trying to catch us off-guard, keep us on our toes?

  6. Dunno bout everyone else but I was sleeping (excuses) lol.

  7. Personally, it doesn't bug me as long as I get my occasional shot at a typo. Unless I'm mistaken, it seems Frost has beaten us all at getting to the typos. Most unfair, fixing things before the page even gets posted.

  8. Nah, Frost would have only beaten us if he starts regular posting pages that don't have mistakes. And that doesn't happen often (Sorry, Frost)

  9. I'll take the pages with the minor mistakes we tend to get if it means we get them even a couple minutes sooner. :)

  10. I am pretty certain that he leaves the typos on purpose, so we are distracted while he is putting together a new page.
    I think I'm going to start rereading the whole thing again. I noticed some quite old unattended typos while I've been reading it for the first time.

  11. Crafting armour, animal sculptures, globes, statues and other miscellaneous ferrous articles... Well, should Hector ever get tired of fighting, I guess Garovel is all set to get him to open a tearoom, gallery and, most importantly, gift shop. ;P

  12. You've shamed me into figuring out what my password was, now I have no excuse other than laziness >.>.

  13. I actually prefer pages with no mistakes at all. I always feel bad when there are more than one or two mistakes because it seems like Mr Frost had to rush out the page to satisfy our ever growing need for more story.

    Deadlines suck. Of course, this is not "work" in the usual sense, with bosses and customers and real deadlines, but Frosty does know that people get unhappy when pages are a little late or when there are fewer pages than announced or whatever.

    This is an amazingly nice and polite place and no one here would seriously demand pages or anything, but the mental processes are the same even though no one actually says so. Frosty has been so diligent about posting that by now, he has conditioned us to expect the daily page.

    Maybe I'm completely off and Frosty never thinks about these things, but a page with many mistakes (especially on donation bonus days) always seems to scream "I'm working as fast as I can, please don't be mad...", but maybe I'm just projecting.

    I have never published anything (personal blog aside, and that was bad enough), but I'm pretty sure I'd feel an immense obligation towards the readers to fulfill the quota I promised, and when the eventual schedule slip would come, I'd be really mad at myself and would neglect real life obligations to work through the backlog. But the truth of the matter is this: There is no obligation. Being intellectually aware of the fact and having internalized it are, as always, two different things.

    I just hope Mr Frost knows that he doesn't owe us anything.Makes me want to write a lot more Frosty-appreciation-comments.

  14. I can see him at the counter of those shops now, with his shining personality.

  15. Or maybe he proofreads just after typing. It can be near impossible to catch your own typos unless you walk away for a bit. I don't think I have ever come across a mistake bad enough that I needed to even think about what he meant.

  16. That, or he's so excited about what he's writing that he can't stay in proofreading mode. Remember how many typos there were during Seadevil vs Darktide? And I found one I think this month back in Hector vs Geoffrey that nobody had caught this whole time...

  17. I think I haven't been around at posting time for that battle, so I haven't seen the typos first hand. I like your explanation better than mine, though.

  18. Yeah there are some old mistakes. I remember finding one a couple weeks ago, and it was from the first book.

  19. i honestly cant believe how hector can go see so much gore and somehow still be really naive and timid, its shocking