Friday, January 16, 2015

Page 952

Bah,’ said Iziol. ‘Dimas just doesn’t know anything about comedy. He and I have been together for more than twenty years, and I’ve only heard him laugh four times. Four! Can you believe that?!

Hector could.

Dimas made no retort.

Chergoa spoke up for the man, though. ‘He’s not wrong, Iziol. That joke was horrendous. In fact, if comedy were a human being, you would have just committed murder.

Iziol hesitated a moment. ‘Darn it... Ah! I’m sorry. Please excuse my language. I’m just frustrated.

Hector saw the other two reapers exchange looks.

Don’t feel bad,’ said Garovel. ‘Chergoa and I will share our secrets with you.

Better just leave it to me,’ said Chergoa. ‘Garovel will only teach you how to insult people.

That’s not even remotely true. Hector, tell her how hilarious I am.

Hector opened his mouth but no words came out.

Buddy, c’mon!

“G-Garovel is... very funny...”

Chergoa busted into a laugh. ‘What an endorsement! Clearly, you’ve awed him with your comedic genius!

That’s just Hector’s personality! You already know he has trouble speaking!

Oh, sure, blame it on Hector.

Alright, fine. Hey, Emiliana, how funny is Chergoa?

Oh god no. Em, you know that I--

“She is quite awful.”

Agh! How could you?!

Thank you for your honesty,’ said Garovel.

I just haven’t had enough time to win her over!’ said Chergoa. ‘She’ll appreciate my humor eventually!

I’m sure that’s it,’ said Garovel.

Em, we are gonna have a long talk about this later.

“I will look forward to it.”

As they walked, Chergoa and Garovel soon returned to their bickering, and Garovel had to privately remind Hector to be sociable again. ‘Talk to Emiliana.’

Hector racked his brain in search of a topic. When nothing immediately sprung forth, he tried taking a step back and thinking about everything that had happened, and then the most pressing question in the world smacked him in the face. “Emiliana,” said Hector, abruptly sterner, “please tell me more about this... aberration that you were with.”

That grabbed Garovel’s attention. ‘Wait a minute, what? You were with an aberration?

Oh yeah,’ said Chergoa. But she didn’t elaborate, perhaps wanting to let Emiliana participate more.

“Yes,” the young woman said. “Lord Ibai Blackburn. He is... quite different.”

“Go on,” urged Hector.


  1. Heeeeee. :D Would hug this page, if I could.

  2. He's quite different from other abberation, since he's self proclaimed animalitarian, one who eats only an animal's soul.

  3. Ibai the Loveable Aberration! Hooray!

  4. Chergoa bust into a laugh.
    Should it be busted?

  5. "We were talking after the battle, and I was thanking him for rescuing me, and he was showing me his shadow, and one thing led to another, and, well, Hector, do you know any carbon materialization or transfiguration users? I'm looking for a nice diamond."

  6. As far as sociopaths go. Ibai is much cooler than Parson.

  7. I want a Ibai to be a good guy. Or at least hopefully he goes to team hector.
    He seems like an incredibly useful person to be allied with. Plus crazy is in right now for meh or at least his level of crazy is.
    Though with Hector's experience with abberations, I'm not sure hector will initially dislike Ibai if he ever sees him.

  8. Ahahahahahaha. I love you!

  9. Wow. How quickly Hector forgets that Garovel had him ROFLing before they left Atreya...

  10. Here's where I remind all of you that Ibai is in his mid-thirties and Emiliana is fourteen.

  11. Well, technically, he did say that Garovel was funny.

  12. Let me remind you that the peoples ages don't really matter in this situation.
    I mean they can be over 100 years and look the same if they so choose.
    Plus Ibai seems to have been largely isolated. He hasn't experienced a normal life in those 30 years. Long term they could technically get together.
    Though I somewhat am amused by that idea.
    Mutation user+ aberration anyone?

  13. "Talk to Emiliana" ~ Said Garovel.
    *Finally, the Hector X Emiliana romance is beginning!* ~ Thought the readers.
    *Time to talk business* ~ Thought Hector.
    "FU-" ~ The readers began to scream.
    "LOL" ~ Thought Frost, a sadistic gleam in his eye.

  14. I the war is gonna begin here? Hector×Lynn Shippers vs. Hector×Emy Shippers. It's gonna be the new Harry×Hermione vs. Harry×Ginny/Ron×Hermione War

  15. Oh come now! He didn't say it with gusto!

    And even then, just "funny" doesn't have you gasping for breath and leaning on a wall to stop yourself from falling while you're laughing (-_-)

  16. May-December Romance or Mayfly-December Romance. Take your pic but that seems to be what Michael is talking bout lol

  17. I still have a plot idea that the servant in question is the aberration's own servant. Since, if I'm not mistaken, a reaper having a servant doesn't prevent it from becoming an aberration, it just complicates the process. So then, what happens to the servant in this scenario? I've been bouncing this idea around for MONTHS!

  18. Yeah, that's why it's a bad joke.

  19. Um. Ibai takes the whole antisocial personality disorder spectrum and ties it into knots. Trust me on this: done enough psychology to spot when you're dealing with a case of "the itemised checklists are pointless -- go for ballpark". :|

  20. I never said he had an antisocial personality disorder. Sociopath simply means they are incapable of interacting socially in a normal manner. Parson is because he has thrown any morality out the window so long as it achieves his greater good. Ibai is because he's a soul devouring entity whose instincts encourage him towards violence, but who's upbringing encourages passivity. Add to the fact that he has had little interaction with humans (much less normal interaction), and you get that knotted up case you're talking about.

  21. I would imagine the servant might just die in that situation, but it is an interesting thought.

  22. Heh. Do people actually fight over that stuff? I've always been partial to NarutoxHinata myself, but I'd never get into any sort of debate over it.

  23. Aw man, you've not seen typed arguments til you've seen shippers go at it. The HP Shipping War were disgusting. The Naruto one was even worse.

  24. FYI: both "sociopathy" and "psychopathy" form subsets of the rather complex antisocial personality disorder spectrum and both terms are slowly being discontinued in the field of psychology.

  25. Ok. I'm mostly interested in why you balked at me using that term in your first comment though. Do you see it as too simplistic a label? Since every label is over simplified really. Especially when it comes to personalities. But people will continue to try and categorize everything into little boxes. I've done some research on mental illness/ disorders, but not too much and not that recently. I was not aware that the antisocial personality covered such a wide range in psychology.

  26. I balked mainly because of the battles practitioners had trying to shoehorn the labels onto people they were presented with. As it turns out, there never has been a particularly clear divide between the narcissistic and antisocial disorders (let alone a clear divide between being e.g. a bit narcissitic with some "psychopathic" tendencies and having an actual disorder). When the world keeps throwing you people with mixed symptomology far more often than the "benchmark" subtypes... you need to rethink. Rethink in progress. :)

  27. Why are you so obsessed with hector getting laid? I doubt the dude would be able to preform with Gerovel watching.

    Heck that could be a really funny scene. Hector gets naked and the reapers will not leave. Maybe they even start commenting about his performance.

  28. An aberration is a reaper plus servant in one. Having a servant would be the old one reaper two servants issue.

  29. Garovel mentioned early on that he could theoretically take a second servant, but that the strain of powering them both would cripple and probably kill him.

  30. Is that what Faust was talking bout? But what does that have to do with a reaper (that already has a servant) becoming an aberration and then falling in love with their own servant (after like 20 years of course)?

  31. Personally, my money is on Hector x Lynn. We already know that Hector has a crush on Lynn, and Lynn is at least ambiguous about whether she likes Hector, and Emiliana already has a boyfriend, although I can't remember his name right now.
    Also, since that boyfriend has had less characterization than Hector, there might be a higher chance that he is a nightmare fetishist, which is now a prerequisite for being Emiliana's boyfriend since she gained her power.
    However, I might be persuaded to switch to Hector x Lynn + Emiliana x Ibai. He's actually a decent guy, doesn't seem to have a problem with Emiliana's appearance, and I think she would be a good influence on him. She's honestly the most normal personality in a servant we've seen so far, so she might have some desperately needed moderating influence on Ibai.

  32. Does Hector ever say anything with conviction? I'm honestly reasonably confident that that was a ringing endorsement if you put it back through the super-shyness filter.