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Page 963 -- CX.

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Agh, holy oasis!’ said Qorvass. ‘I knew your memory wasn’t the best, but wow! Even for you, this is a new low. You’re only forty-five years old, man. Are you already going senile? Should I stop you from aging any further?

I... I’m sure I would’ve remembered it if things had ever become too desperate.

Oh, you mean like when we were fighting off three people at once? Or when Darktide was stomping the hell out of all of our comrades?

Hey, everything worked out in the end, didn’t it?

Yes, and if things had gone differently, you would have let us both die like idiots.

You’re partly to blame, too. We were sharing memories for quite a while there, and you didn’t remember, either.

How was I supposed to know that you had forgotten something so important?!

You should have checked. You just said that you knew I had a bad memory.

I cannot believe you, right now... Agh. If it is that powerful, then you should have just put it on and never taken it off.

I was afraid it might blow up.

It’s a ring. Why would it blow up?

Because Haqq made it.

The reaper hesitated. ‘Okay, fair point. But why did you not test it, then?

There wasn’t time! He gave it to me as I was leaving!


Would you stop saying that? I apologized!


Asad pursed his lips and looked over the Rainlords and Hector another time. ‘...Let’s never tell anyone about this.


Chapter One Hundred Ten: ‘O, curious devil...!’
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Hector didn’t let Garovel anywhere near Ibai. Lord Dimas kept the unconscious Iziol on his back the whole time, but Hector didn’t have that much confidence. He had Garovel stay with Chergoa and the Elroys, instead.

The reason he’d volunteered was to see for himself whether or not this aberration could be trusted, but so far, there was little clarity to be found. Ibai didn’t do or say anything particularly volatile or dangerous, but perhaps that was only because they were all stuck in a limousine together as their host of Rainlords embarked on the long trip to Moaban.

The Blackburns had chosen Horatio and Silvia for their two bodyguards, and Ibai seemed to enjoy their company greatly, talking about all manner of subjects with them, asking their opinions about what would be fun to do together. Ibai acted like they were all going on a pleasant trip to an amusement park or something.


  1. Apologies for the slowness, folks. Lost my internet the past couple days, but I haven't stopped writing, so the next two pages will be posted shortly.

  2. Or when Darktide was stomping the hell out of all [our] comrades?’

    ‘Would [you] stop saying that? I apologized!’

    TY for chapter

  3. I like that derail of yet more irate verbiage with just a few words: "Because Haqq made it.". *clonk*

    Just how often (and how spectacularly) do his inventions go boom?

  4. Lol Qorvass saying Melchor stomped their comrades tickled me so much cause that's what the readers say he did.

  5. If you're at all familiar with Ravnica, I think he would make Niv-Mizzet feel inferior. Except that he only bases his opinions of his own work one whether they do anything particularly interesting before they explode.