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A friend of ours was able to tell us some of Warrenhold’s history,’ said Garovel. ‘It’s our understanding that the castle caused trouble for some folks who were looking to kill a few kings, yes?

Yes,’ said Shenado. ‘Those kings needed to die in order for several of the Rainlords’ allies to seize power and provide much needed aid during the Uprising. Many of the Rainlords themselves were dispatched to help take the castle, but instead of the swift victory that they were expecting, they encountered a struggle that lasted decades.

Ah, well, perhaps Axiolis will be pleased to know that Hector bears no relation to any of Warrenhold’s previous occupants,’ said Garovel.

Shenado tilted her skull to the side. ‘He said if it weren’t for Warrenhold, the Rainlords would have had all the support they needed in a dozen other key battles across the continent and wouldn’t have suffered such heavy losses.

Mm. Then... hopefully, he’ll be pleased to know that it is now occupied by a friendly face.

He also said that it was cursed.

Oh, well, that’s not--

He said, even after it was taken, the castle drove people mad and caused all manner of political turmoil.’

Axiolis is mistaken. I would be happy to--

You tryin’ to invite us to some cursed pile of dog shit?’ said Chergoa. ‘The hell is wrong with you?

It’s not cursed! It’s just misunderstood!

Uh-huh, sure it is. I bet it’s just teeming with ghosts ‘n shit.

Ghosts aren’t real,’ said Garovel.

You don’t know that.

Actually, I do. And so do you.

If ghosts aren’t real, then what do you call us?

Reapers aren’t ghosts!

Aren’t we, though? I mean, we’re people who’ve died, right?

It’s not the same!

It kinda is.

Garovel sighed. ‘Okay, so by that logic, you are therefore worried that Warrenhold is teeming with reapers.

Well, I was more worried about the dog shit part.

There’s no dog shit!

So you say...

Ugh. Whatever. You’ll see it for yourself when you visit.

I don’t wanna visit a place filled with that much dog shit.

Chergoa, I will end you.

She just laughed.

Hector would have kept listening, but Ramira poked him in the face with her iron spider. She’d insisted that he sit next to her, and he couldn’t very well refuse. And besides, sitting next to a little girl was way less intimidating than sitting next to anyone else in this car. Except maybe Dimas, who was sitting on Hector’s other side.

“What’s the matter?” Hector asked.

“You never told me your name, you big lump.”

She was right, he realized. The reapers had handled all the introductions, which she obviously hadn’t been able to hear.


  1. "but instead the swift victory that were expecting"
    I'm thinking there should be an of in front of "the swift" and that "that" should be they.

    Also "the castle people mad" should probably be "the castle drove people mad" or some such.

    Now to see if I got ninja'd.

  2. I am thinking we should keep track of the banter battles between Garovel and Chergoa.
    I think that at the moment it's probably one-one. I figure Chergoa just stomped Garovel, but that he managed to scrap by in the battle of humor.

  3. The first one is still missing the of.
    Or my grasp on grammar and English sucks because it still seems awkward to me.

  4. Finally, after just over a week of reading I've gone from start to present, spanning two years of fantastic work.
    This is the first time I've gotten into reading online fiction, I can't believe this is all free, it's incredible. I can only hope Mr. Frost enjoys writing this as much as I have reading it, I will definitely be a regular here.

  5. Welcome to the coolest place on the internet (get it? Frost? cool?). If you're interested, I can point you to some other good free web serials.

  6. Thanks for the page.

  7. Lovely to have. Glad you're enjoying. <3

  8. Hector dunt got to tell u nothin girl. Hector is an independent man.

  9. I don't think either of them are into it just for the score, though. And, as any sibling will tell you: the rules and the scorecard are mutable objects only imperfectly understood by those playing Sibling Calvinball. :) Outside scorekeepers should beware where they tread. ;)

  10. So
    Chergoa: 1
    Garovel: 1
    Euodiabloris: 1 for the Calvinball reference.

  11. ... I can't believe how bad I messed up your name. Euodachloris. Sorry about that.

    As for keeping score t's like asking the funniest page ever, it's more about keeping track of and discussing their banter than anything else.

  12. ...
    I give up on ever spelling it right. I swear to God I didn't do that intentionally. Is there a short form I can use you don't mind?

  13. Euo works. Or Euodia. Or Cloris. :)

  14. While I would appreciate that, I also had a hard enough time getting any work done once I discovered this. Damn the temptation of office WiFi.

  15. Actually, I wouldn't mind if you pointed me to some other web fiction series. The ones I've tried were kinda lame-written, like a bad fanfiction...

  16. Citadel, webnovel. Hardboiled superhero academy.
    Freefall, webcomic. A bioengineered wolf, a larcenous alien and a robot, out to save their colony from itself. Philosophically deep yet still funny.
    Genocide Man, webcomic. A quasi-military operative in a world where
    Genetic Engineering Is The New Nuke, tasked with obliterating "dangerous ideas", finds out he might be on
    the wrong side.
    Skin Deep, webcomic. A good chunk of humanity is actually fantastic creatures disguised as humans...and you can be one without realizing it.
    Tales Of The Questor, webcomic. Quentyn Quinn slays monsters, solves mysteries, rights wrongs and
    generally wears shining armor, despite being
    2'6" and adorably fuzzy.
    The Whiteboard, webcomic. Paintball with a side of mad science. Consistently
    funny, surprisingly accessible to non-players, and a great source of
    links to other good comics.
    Full list on my TV Tropes page. These are the ones I figured would appeal to this crowd.

  17. hopefullylesspretentiousJanuary 27, 2015 at 6:58 PM

    I take offense to the fact that the masterpiece that is Worm is not listed here. Confess your sins to Wildbow, that ye may be saved. Seriously though, check it out. It finished a year ago and it's still number two on the webfiction rankings. Number one is the next book Wildbow has been working on, Pact, which is also an amazing read. Gritty superhero story with an emphasis on the culture of a superhero heavy world, ridiculous variety of powers, and moral grey areas.

  18. I've read Worm. I didn't mention it because I didn't like it. Gripping, sure, but my thoughts when I finished it were "finally, I can stop reading without having unanswered questions eating at me."

  19. Wow, thanks for the links! This is a great list! I don't even know where to start...

    As for the Worm novel, I liked it, bit it became kinda intense for me to handle. I will probably return to the novel, but it's very demanding and heavy, and it did make me feel trapped. I'm not sure if its because of the projected feelings of the main heroes, or just the world, or maybe the themes... So I've putten it down and store it in the "Read later" folder.

  20. Dimas is the second least intimidating person in the car? Or is that just in his fellow man of few words?