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Page 941 -- CVII.

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Chapter One Hundred Seven: ‘Thy strangling breath...’
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The fight came quickly. And ended nearly as fast.

The objective wasn’t to win. With only the three of them, a battle against Parson Miles was unfavorable, to say the least. And so, if defeat was all but guaranteed, then the most important task at hand was to ensure someone was able to escape to Luzo and warn everyone else. With that goal in mind, the trio of Rainlords stopped using pan-forma all at once and let their reapers flee underground in separate directions.

This was a mistake, they soon realized.

Rather than attacking them, Parson whipped his own body into a tornadic fury, becoming a veritable blade of gale force winds that carried the strength of his and Overra’s soul. And with that blade, he barreled straight into the ground, kicking up a cloud of swirling dust that became a whirlwind unto itself.

No more than a minute later, Parson returned to surface with all three reapers in his clutches.

Parson descended slowly, accumulating into the form of a man once more and watching the Rainlords carefully as he landed on the bridge with them. Perhaps he was waiting to see if they would force him to kill their reapers right then and there. They didn’t.

“Have you all calmed down?” Parson asked.

None answered.

“Mm. Really, though, you should have known better. Lady Garza, sure, you have the excuse of never having been Vanguard, but Zeff and Angie? We spent years together. And yet even now, you underestimate us?”

Zeff could feel the old well boiling again.

“But then again,” Parson went on, “Rainlords never do make very good tacticians. All that honor and bloodlust mixed together. Small wonder why you always seem to make the wrong decisions.”

Evangelina Stroud kept her voice level. “If you are going to take us prisoner, then please get on with it. I know how much you love to talk, but I would honestly rather be stuck in a holding cell for the next twenty years than listen to you yammer on for another five minutes.”

Parson chuckled with two voices. “Oh, Angie. Silly girl. Now that the Gargoyle isn’t watching, we can do as we please. Naturally, we’re not going to take you prisoner.”

Socorro’s reaper burst apart in a sudden gust of wind and evaporated into nothing.


  1. ...........why hello Mr lord of all understatements how are you good that's good I must concur with your point by repeating your statement in short, fuck.

  2. FUCK! ME! SIDEWAYS!!! I was NOT expecting that!

    ...well I kinda was but not so soon


  4. If Sanko wasn't there to judge them, then why is she fighting the Rainlords for leaving the Vanguard?

  5. Um. Not good? *stunned*

  6. "... than listen to yammer on for another five minutes."
    Listen to YOU, perhaps?

    Also, I concur with everyone else here. FUCK.

  7. This is not actually related to this page, but I think I just realized something about Damian Rofal (Geoffrey's grandfather). When Geoffrey brought Moss and Ozmere to his grandfather, they (well, Ozmere) commented "I have nothing but the greatest respect for someone of your caliber." So Damian is crazy strong, which he then shows by completely obliterating Moss and Ozmere, hardly leaving any trace of them.

    "Damian raised a hand. There came a sudden flash and a great crunch as Ozmere and Moss
    were both obliterated.
    Wide-eyed, Geoffrey could see the air visibly distorted in the spaces where their bodies used
    to be. A shockwave passed over Geoffrey as the air refilled the vacuum, and all that remained
    was a thin vapor. After a moment, that too disappeared."

    This looks suspiciously like a localized singularity, as discussed by Ezmortig (Desmond´s reaper): "Oh, and the most famous example is probably the one who could create localized singularities. He’s dead now, though. I think Sermung had to take him down personally.’"

    But that was an abberation, not a servant, and he´s dead anyways. However, Damian killed Ozmere and Moss, because he wanted Abolish to believe he and Feromas were still dead. He does appear to be an actual servant, because we see him talking to Feromas in his head on page 296, though he only does so once. So maybe he actually died, but Feromas revived him. I don´t think it´s ever been said that abberations can´t become servants, although it would be highly unlikely. Alternatively, he could always have been a servant, but somehow managed to make people believe he was an aberration. That way, his body could have been killed by Sermung, but Feromas simply revived him. That scenario does lead to the question of what his ability was. It seemed to be gravity alteration, but he appears to only use it to make singularities. Only ever doing one specific thing with his power seems rather unlikely to me, so I´m more inclined to believe the first possibility.

    Also, where did Octavia´s grandson even get that insanely powerful abberation sword-bone-thing from? I doubt it was a gift from the Vanguard. Also, what did Damian use Geoffrey´s body for? He reclaimed it from the morgue, presumably to use his bones to make weapons from, but if he is an abberation-turned-servant, he could have acquired an integration power. Maybe he could have fused his own bone into Geoffrey´s bones, allowing him to make weapons from them like the one Octavia now uses. If he is a servant, he can just cut off his arm and regrow it anyways. If all (or most) matter is conserved with integration, he could use Geoffrey´s bones to make more weapons. He left all the other bodies in the morgue though, so maybe it only works if both bones belong(ed) to abberations. Since his ability so much stronger than Geoffrey´s, his ability would be the only to manifest, or getting Geoffrey´s ability to manifest would be so difficult that no one would ever find out about it.

    (Damian also only killed Ozmere and Moss after they told them they were following Morgunov rather than Dozer. We also know Dozer looks like an old man, and I don´t think we ever saw him use his ability. Could Damian be Dozer? Feromas did say he was using a new name...)

  8. I think he means "here in this spot watching."

  9. I think he's just a plain servant, albeit a very strong one. My guess at his power is that it's alteration of molecular or intermolecular bonds. That, or just a high-level destruction power.

  10. Of course, I´m not certain what Damian´s ability is, but I don´t think that alteration of (inter)molecular bonds would create a flash and a vacuum. That´s the main reason I think it´s a singularity.

  11. Hmm. Like Eric said, it's meant to be interpreted more as "Sanko isn't currently watching," but I can see why you'd be confused. I'll rephrase. Thanks for the check.

  12. Maybe he has a piece of bone from the same aberration?

  13. We currently don't know enough to do any more than guess at who and what Damian is/was and what he did. I wonder when he'll show up again. I expect we won't get to know anything else about him until then. Needless to say, I'll be looking forward to his return.

  14. Wait, it can't be an aberration ability. There was no shadow, and you have to touch the target with the shadow to use the ability.

  15. I don't think it necessarily works that way. When Octavia used the bone to create a singularity, there wasn't a shadow:

    The white blade shuddered visibly, and Zeff saw light bend around Sanko’s torso, distorting like a bubble in space itself. It was similar to the destruction type abilities, but this was a single point, not a path, and the sound was different. This was the rushing of wind past his ears. He felt the violent shift in gravity, as well, pulling him and everyone else suddenly forward.

    But the description here is different than the one of what happened to Moss and Ozmere...
    Didn't Parson also express interest in Damian? What could he want with him?

  16. I guess Rayen made a mistake by evacuating them. Never face a dirty cop anywhere a clean one can't see...