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Before Zeff could press his attack any further, however, a tornado swirled down from the sky and whipped him and the other Rainlords into the air. Zeff coated himself in ice, but the oncoming blades of wind chiseled through it in rapid succession and slashed his flailing body from a hundred different angles.

Then he was free again, left to fall back down to the ground in peace. It was Rayen’s doing, he saw. She and Parson were both practically invisible, but their souls could be seen in direct conflict. A beam of ultraviolet light had gored a swirling vortex through its center, but somehow, the vortex was preventing that same light from escaping. A series of booms rang out as they struggled there in the sky, but Zeff had already turned away from their fight in order to focus on his own.

Evangelina and Santos had gone off to support Octavia, and so it was only Zeff and Socorro now, perched on a field of half-broken spires as they readied to face Xavier Lawrence.

After going up against Sanko and Parson, Lawrence almost seemed like an easy fight. But that was wrong, Zeff knew, and he reminded himself that this was not a man to be underestimated.

A radium dome arrived first, trying to bathe the two Rainlords in soul-enhanced radiation, but Zeff was ready with four enormous pillars of ice--more enormous than he had even intended them to be, in fact--and they knocked the dome away before it could do any damage.

Then came a bed of radium, instead, and Socorro and Zeff both platformed themselves away. Zeff’s platform, however, didn’t let up. It grew upward and sideways and then back down toward Lawrence with increasing speed. It was almost too fast, like flying on a rocket made of ice, and Zeff barely managed to maintain control.

But his reliance on only ice was limiting him, he realized. The decreased temperature made it more difficult to produce. So this time, he reached for water, as much of it as he could create.

And a tsunami appeared.

It reached nearly as high as the Gargoyle’s head and came crashing down on Lawrence, who merely shielded himself with a radium shelter. The water hissed angrily against the white metal, making it jostle from the sheer force of the wave, but the radium held strong nonetheless.

But Zeff already knew what he wanted to do next.


  1. Does Gargoyle not even realize that she's now fighting on the same side as the people she came here to smack down? Or is she planning to squash Parson and Lawrence once she's done with the Rainlords?

    The Rainlords are grossly outmatched here. Zeff and Socorro need to defeat Lawrence as quick possible and then move to help Rayen. They gotta pray that Octavia, Evangelina, and Santos survive long enough to receive assistance

  2. Forgive me for asking, but if zeff can make that much water how is sanko still standing? Her construct is made mostly out of dirt. If Zeff fired a constant stream at it, it would be like taking a pressure washer to an ant hill. At the very least he could blow off a leg in less then a second, possibly both legs before the first could reform.

    And since Sanko's power works with dirt and rock, why wouldn't Octavia use her gravity altering bone to lift her off the ground and cut access to all that raw material?

  3. left to fall back down "to" the ground in peace

    but Zeff was ready with "a" four enormous pillars of ice <-- remove a

  4. You're forgetting about Sanko's soul resilience. And that her power doesn't just move dirt around--it fuses it together. Also, it was never stated that Octavia's sword could do anything than create singularities and wield a shadow. Altering gravity would be more in line with Dimas Sebolt's power.

  5. The answer to both of those might be that Gargoyle is enhancing her earth with her soul. And since her soul is so much more powerful than everyone else's, none of those hijinks that would happen in a fight like Hector vs Karkash is gonna happen here

  6. Aha, got 'em. Thanks for the catches, nova.

  7. enormous than he had even attempted to make
    Should be "ever"?

  8. Ah, no, that was supposed to be "even." But hmm. I see why you might think that. I'll reword to "more enormous than he had even intended them to be." Thanks for the check.

  9. The polotics of war are a wonderous thing.

  10. So, they want to change the leadership of the Vanguard. But in order to do that, they are betraying and killing their most loyal and powerful allies, in the hopes to kill their leader, which will make them vulnerable due to the massive loss in power.
    Genius. >_>

    It may have worked a century or two ago, but now that communication and travel is so much easier, they are screwing themselves over.
    Hector's castle is going to come in handy soon. (Unless the Vanguard hear about it. Then they'll probably commandeer for the cause.)

    Oh, and I'm guessing their money/gold problem is going to be solved with platinum?

  11. At the scale the Vanguard is operating on, creating massive amounts of platinum is just going to crash the platinum markets. They'd have better luck creating large amounts of less valuable metal, honestly. Reduced impact and all that.

  12. if zeff's element is hydrogen+oxygen, then unless he can only specifically form water (which may in fact be the case), then i think it'd be much more effective to use something like pure hydrogen peroxide.
    also, im wondering if there will be big timeskips, simply due to the fact that we are talking about a new servant on a scale where everyone else is a hundred or more years old