Monday, January 26, 2015

Page 966

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“I have been there several times,” Jada was saying in that faint Valgan accent. “Raml’hahl is always very nice. Or--I think they call it Dunehall in Mohssian?” She looked to Atalim, her reaper. “Is that right?”

It is, yes.’

Dunehall?’ said Garovel. ‘Is it a fortress?

It used to be,’ said Atalim. ‘It weathered many assaults during its day, but now it serves as home to the local steward, who takes care of it for whenever Hahl Najir visits.’ The reaper gave a laugh. ‘I imagine he will not be very pleased to see us with so many unannounced guests.’

Will that be a problem?’ asked Chergoa.

Oh, not at all. He would never disobey Asad. That would jeopardize his cushy job.

Garovel threw a glance Hector’s way. ‘Speaking of fortresses,’ he said publicly, ‘Hector was given a really nice castle by the Queen of Atreya.

Hector felt compelled to interject. “Nice might be the wrong word for it, Garovel...”

Okay. We have a really interesting castle. You guys should come visit. And perhaps stay awhile.

Uh,’ said Chergoa, ‘we’re kinda busy with things here in Sair, in case you haven’t noticed.

Busy? Are you planning on getting kidnapped a second time?

Hilarious. We’re not going anywhere without Emiliana’s family.’

Well, I didn’t mean right this second. And they’re all invited, too, of course. Warrenhold has plenty of room.

I wasn’t questioning its spaciousness. Most castles are pretty big.

Ours is a little TOO big, actually. Enough so that we’re not really sure what to do with it all. It’s possibly the largest castle I’ve ever seen, now that I’m thinking about it.

Chergoa cocked a skeletal eyebrow. ‘Ever?

Maybe. I’m not sure. You definitely have to see it for yourself, someday. It would be a great place to lay low, if needed, and we would certainly welcome you, despite all of your horrendous character flaws.

Thank you,’ Chergoa said flatly.

Did you say Warrenhold?’ asked Shenado. She’d been mostly quiet up to now, which seemed to make everyone more interested in hearing what she had to say.

I did,’ said Garovel. ‘You know of it?

Not from personal experience, but I’ve heard Axiolis talk about how much he hates that place,’ said Shenado.

Garovel let out a laugh. ‘Really? Why? It wouldn’t have anything to do with the Redwater Uprising, would it?

Ah, so you know about that.’


  1. Ohhhh. Let me guess, the Rain King was one of those three kings who all occupied Warrenhold at once? Should have known that at least one of the armies that besieged it had servants...

  2. Missing word: "Hector felt compelled [to] interject."

  3. Fixed, thank you.

    And very enthusiastically, is how.

  4. Did he say Warrenhold? I don't think he ever actually spoke the name in present company.

  5. Yes, he did.

    "Warrenhold has plenty of room."

  6. "And they're all invited too, of course. Warrenhold has plenty of room."

  7. Oh yeah, there it is. Durr.

  8. Sandlords... Dunehall... any sandworms around, by any chance? I bet Ibai would like a pet sandworm.

  9. We do already have ice dragons...

  10. Unfortunately, they're all imaginary. I say its disappointing, but its hard to complain about the series in a general sense.