Tuesday, January 6, 2015

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Spikes of radium jumped out of Lawrence’s shell, and Zeff met them with a pair of pressurized water drills. Previously, he’d only been able to make them the size of his thumb, but now, the drills were bigger than each hand. So when Zeff pushed them into the spikes, they carved the radium down and left cracking holes in the wall, allowing the Rainlord to do the rest of the work with brute strength alone.

He punched through, and Lawrence was there, right in his face, having caught Zeff’s fist with his own radium-coated palm.

With both men wielding super strength, a brief hand-to-hand struggle occurred, and for a moment, they were able to look each other in the eye.

“I’m sorry for what I am about to do, Zeff.”

“Don’t apologize for dying, Lawrence.”

Zeff coated himself in spikes of his own, aiming to skewer the old man with them, but Lawrence released him and used a sudden block of radium to knock Zeff and his spikes back.

Zeff toppled back, bouncing atop a row of spires. A hail of platinum shards bought him time to find his footing again.

But the General did not press his attack yet, Zeff saw. Instead, Lawrence’s body flashed pristinely white as pan-rozum transformed him into pure radium. And his body did not tarnish with air exposure like normal radium did. Rather, it began to glow fiercely blue, even in this bright daylight.

And Zeff knew what that meant. Lawrence was pushing the radiation to absurd levels with the power of his soul. Already, Zeff could feel its debilitating effects, attacking his flesh on a cellular level, weakening muscles and hindering regeneration. This skill was the reason Lawrence was called the Blue Bear.

But Zeff was not in the mood to be intimidated. He lobbed another tsunami and followed in its wake, preparing to materialize another drill. A rapid series of platinum javelins came flying to his aid as well, providing extra support.

Lawrence’s glowing body pressed through the water, hissing inside a billowing cloud of steam, and the man launched a wall of radium spikes toward Zeff, each one glowing blue as well.

Zeff propelled himself out of their path with a vertical platform and pulled out his two-finger hand guns. Icy bullets burst forth as Zeff sailed through the air.


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  2. Voted. Not that mine had run out. TZK is fourth for votes over a year, fifth for the month and sixth for the week. Come on people, I know you're out there and it only takes a second.

  3. "they carved the shoved the radium down"
    Were you planning to say carved but then changed it to shoved but forgot to backspace, by any chance?

  4. I try to vote as much as possible, it's just a pain doing it on a tablet. :(

  5. A hail of platinum shards bought him [time] to find his footing again.

  6. Ah, fixed now, thank you. And yeah, pretty much. I reword stuff a lot as I'm writing, so.

  7. "Lawrence's body [fleshed] pristinely white"

    "launched a wall radium spikes"
    Looks like a word is missing in here.

  8. Oh, whoa, I'm all caught up! I think I'll try to read the updates as they come now - I'm rather anxious to see where this is going.

    I must say, as with the rest of the story, the Tenth Oath has been excellent so far. I honestly have no idea how on Earth this could end well for the Rainlords - even with Zeff's emergence, nothing seems to have changed, and I don't see how it possibly could. Either way, I eagerly await more.

  9. Tsunamis. Rock giants? Radiation! Well there goes the neighborhood hope you had Insurance.

  10. Damn... I doubt hector gonna last a sec if he was there.

  11. Something that came to mind as I reread this page. By Lawrence using a hyper state, isn't there a chance (however slim) that Dergoz will find out his misgivings about this whole affair?