Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Page 947 -- CVIII.

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I remember the last time some jerkhead crashed it,’ said Parson. ‘Agh! That was such a pain in the butt to fix!

Exactly,’ said Overra. ‘I mean, sure, we have other folks safeguarding that sort of thing nowadays, but eh. Whatever. Two birds, one stone.

I gotcha. Though, the Garzas certainly won’t be happy when Zeff tells them what we did.

Yeah, well. Greater good ‘n all that.

So how upset do you think Sanko will be with us?

What do you mean? We didn’t do anything wrong. Socorro wanted to surrender, but Zeff and Angie went crazy and killed her for betraying them.


In fact, they went SO crazy that they achieved emergence multiple times, which is what allowed them to wound us and escape.

Hmm. You really think she’ll buy that?

Almost definitely not. But she won’t be able to prove anything. And that woman is all about the proof. At the very least, we should be able to avoid a court martial. And if not, well, Lamont’ll help us out.

He’d probably be even angrier than Sanko.


Chapter One Hundred Eight: ‘Thy ancient likeness...’
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It had taken a while for the hostilities to finally end. Informing everyone of the ceasefire had been proven quite the undertaking. Without any working phones or coms, they had to search Marshrock for their allies and inform them in person, and they encountered a few Blackburns along the way who had definitely not gotten the news yet. Not that it was too big a problem. Hector and Emiliana didn’t have to do anything other than carry their unconscious friends, while Asad participated in a series of civilized discussions that definitely didn’t end with anyone being splattered against the ceiling like a bag full of chicken bones and a very old curry.

In time, they found a platoon of Sebolts with working coms, and from there, word of the ceasefire began to spread much more quickly.

Not long into their venture, however, Chergoa realized that one of the unconscious reapers in Hector’s grasp was her brother. But Hector’s thoughts had been so preoccupied with the new aberration he’d seen that he’d nearly forgotten about Garovel’s sister, and when she started bombarding him with questions, the young Lord Goffe found himself settling into old habits and falling painfully silent.

She didn’t seem to appreciate that much.

Thankfully, though, after only three hours of awkwardness, Garovel began to stir.


  1. At long last... the return of Hector.

    Now I wonder what will happen to Zeff's son, since he runs away, and leave his son behind.

  2. Oh god please. More Hector. I must read more of the epic Hectorian awkwardness.


  4. Ah did Overra have to say "Greater good 'n all that"? I hate when characters use thst reason. It's such a slippery slope.

    Call Back. Garovel had asked Hector if he could really tell Cher that he was Garovel's reaper. Garovel had some doubt. Seemed like he was proven right lol

  5. "into hold habits"

  6. It's a way to escape the guilt trip.

  7. I wonder what happens with pan-forma - does Hector's awkwardness or Garovel's snarkiness win out?

  8. At least we know that Overra isn't from Pittsburgh, or it would've been "Greater good n'at."

  9. I'm still cracking up over the fact that he was awkwardly silent while holding an unconscious reaper AS THE DUDE'S ESTRANGED SISTER QUESTIONED HIM FOR THREE HOURS.

  10. Reminds me of a funeral I attended. I am a lot like hector and sheldon cooper.

  11. Both are strong traits so I expect both will be an interesting mix. Probably will result in a more crazy mix with them twisting to operate together.

  12. Hmmm... a snarky clam?

  13. The awkward. It burns! And, the minimal description makes it burn brighter, if anything. xD