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Page 948

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Hey!’ Chergoa yelled. ‘Are you finally awake, you big doofus?!

Garovel gave a weak laugh, still sounding exhausted. ‘Good to see you, baby sister.

Chergoa snorted and nodded to Hector and Emiliana. ‘Told you, didn’t I?

What did you tell them?’ said Garovel.

That the first thing you’d do would be reassert your status as the older sibling.

Agh. Gimme a break. I’m tired, and I was expressing how pleased I am to finally see you again. And you ARE my little sister, aren’t you?

Yeah, by like one year! One out of--’ She hesitated. ‘How old are we again?

Three thousand something, I think.

See? You don’t even know.

Don’t need to. Even if you were infinity years old, I’d still be infinity plus one.

What the hell are you doing here, anyway?

Did Hector not tell you?

No, he didn’t. Great servant you got here, by the way. Can’t even answer a simple question.

Hey. Don’t make fun of Hector. I didn’t make fun of your freaky-lookin’ mutant girl.

Whoa! Take that back, you asshole!

Or what?

“Garovel,” said Hector, realizing he should intervene before this escalated into another four hundred years of them not seeing each other. “Apologize.”

Garovel required a moment of reluctance before granting an admissive nod and turning to Emiliana. ‘Ah... I’m sorry, young lady. You aren’t a freaky-looking mutant. In fact, you actually look kind of badass with that mask on. I was just upset because your reaper is a terrible person who eats babies and steals from the poor.

Alright, that’s enough,’ said Chergoa. ‘Tell me what you’re doing here, already.

We’re here for YOU, you dingus. We ran into Axiolis in Kuros, and he informed us of the monumental shitstorm you’ve gotten yourself involved in. And naturally, being the wonderful, selfless people we are, we decided to--

Okay, okay. Hector, thank you for all your help. Garovel, go fuck yourself.

Wow, watch your language. There are young people present, you know.

You literally just said “shitstorm.”

Yeah, but when I swear, it’s funny and endearing. When you do it, it’s inappropriate and childish.

She glanced at Emiliana. ‘See this? See what I have to put up with?

But Emiliana seemed more interested in something else Garovel had said. “You met with Axiolis? Do you know where he is?”


  1. Please, give no reason for Garovel and Chergoa to be apart ever. I just about exploded keeping myself from laughing.

  2. "Your status as the older sobling"

  3. New page in the running for Funniest Page Evar!

  4. I guess even if you "live" to be 3000 something years old, you will still have immature fights with your younger sister.

  5. But Emiliana seemed more interested [in] something else Garovel had said. “You met with Axiolis? Do you know where he is?”

  6. ‘What did you tell them?’ said Garovel. Said - Asked

  7. Ah, siblings. You never can grow out of the glorious exchange of Chinese burns... xD

  8. there will be sobs in the end

  9. Um, the first half of the page seems to be italicized where it shouldn't be... Like when Garovel and Chergoa are talking to eachother. Happens right after: ‘What did you tell them?’ said Garovel.

    Either that or they just really speaking that way the ENTIRE time, hard to tell without voices.

  10. It's all reaper telepathy, which is italicized in TZK.

  11. Okay Mr Frost, i have a question for you. We know that every servant sees reapers differently. But how do reapers see each other? Since chergoa was able to recognize garovel, then they must have fixed images of each other.

  12. Maybe they look the same way as when they were alive?

  13. Yeah, a few different folks have asked about that. :)

  14. It's a back and forth between two reapers, so yeah, it's all italicized. 's been consistent through the whole story.

  15. That wasn't really an answer ;P

  16. You know, I for some reason was looking at it as if was normal for their words to be standard when talking out loud, but you're right. I don't know how I misunderstood when I've been reading this for so long.

    So yeah, I'm going to chalk it up as me having an off day and not properly using my brain.

  17. The "Garovel go f*** yourself" line had me wheezing. Even better than Roman and Voreese's introduction.

  18. You're starting to get the hang of trying to get useful answers out of Frost about something he doesn't want to share. The way it goes is, you ask a question, and then he taunts you. Usually implies that he has an answer, but he doesn't even say that for sure, let alone give you enough information to figure out what that answer might be.

  19. If I had to guess, I'd guess that they don't actually perceive other reapers with even an analogue of the human senses. They probably basically get told by their souls "this person is here, and he's the same person as that one over there back then was." They probably can't even describe each other, so they might need to introduce others in person to get them recognized.

  20. For me is was "infinity plus one!" SO. MANY. CHILDHOOD. ARGUMENTS! :D

  21. Orrrrrr it's the same for reapers as it is for everyone else. That each reaper sees others differently. And the simple reason Cher recognize Garovel is she hadn't had a fundamental shift in how she views the world like Zeff had. And remember, waaay back when, Garovel was able to recognize Mehl at first sight...

  22. I think he was saying more specifically that he didn't know what he looked like to Hector specifically. Remember that any reaper will get about 50,000 different answers to that question, even before you consider the reapers, if they even see the world in a way that can be described.

  23. His exact words were 'Whatever you’re seeing, right
    now, it’s not really what I look like. In truth, I don’t actually look like anything.'