Sunday, February 23, 2014

Page 569

Hector shook his head as he started backing up on his motorcycle. ‘Y’know, Garovel... sometimes, you can be a little TOO honest.

Hey, it’s not like you need to win,’ the reaper said. ‘Just try not to die too quickly.

Super helpful, thanks.’ He kept one hand on the iron wall as he moved along, returning down the path he’d come from. The metal floor proved rather slippery against the soles of his shoes and the bike’s tires, but he had to move slowly anyway in order to ensure that Harper followed him, lumbering and eerily silent.

You could try talking to him,’ said Garovel. ‘Probably won’t do any good, but it’s worth a shot.

Egh...’ Hector soon reached the end of the tunnel and so had to add on to it. He created an empty room on the other side of the wall, and then annihilated said wall. And repeated the process each time. ‘How far away do I have take him?

Not much farther, I’d imagine. I can barely even sense your soul at this range. Roman will be heading back to help you soon.

He could see Harper’s pace increasing. “Mr. Harper, sir... heh... y-you don’t wanna attack me, right? Garovel’s just... worried for no reason, yeah? You’ve totally got this battle-trance-thing under control... I’m sure we won’t have to--”

Faster still.

Hector armored up.

It was a lot to keep track of. Growing the tunnel. Maintaining the soul-empowerment. And now armoring himself, too. He had to simplify the metal attire, and much of it was reduced to mere coatings, leaving only space for his joints to bend freely.

As Harper drew too close, Hector raised a wall between them. Darkness enveloped the young man as Harper’s light was cut off.

But only for a moment.

Harper broke through, glowing white, and smashed Hector in the chest. The impact shattered the iron breastplate and sent Hector flying off his bike and through the wall behind him. He bounced through the mud, toppling over himself again and again, still not stopping until he slid up next to a familiar rock formation, the one Garovel had called Rathmore’s Gate.


  1. Only way I know of how to get someone out of a trance is flat out punch them, so Hector better get a iron knuckle ready and give Harper his best right hook.

  2. I think it is finally time for hector to level up again cause for the last few fights he was mostly useless and someone else fought the stronger enemies while he had trouble fighting one

  3. To be fair Karkash is basically his opposite and he knows that he can tie Hector up pretty easily. Every time they've fought Karkash belines for Hector.

  4. Hector's soul-infused wall provides some cover and creates blind spots, but the sensing souls is not directly equivalent to eyesight. It would be somewhere in between the two things that you're suggesting.

  5. Please, Frost, don't have Hector calm Harper down with words. They barely even know each other. They aren't remotely close enough for Hector's words to affect him. I hate when stories do something like that...

  6. Too add to that, it seemed like Karkash was the strongest of the group. And that was even before his emergence.

  7. I was wondering, could Hector maybe make a tunnel and guide Harper to his opponents that way, or is it that if you leave an opening, Harper can see anything in his range with his trance