Monday, February 17, 2014

Page 565

The news of Atreya’s royal turmoil had unfortunately sent sympathetic ripples through the Members of Parliament. Thankfully, they were slow to make up their minds about what to do next, so all the pressure that Vladimir and his two friends had been building up over these past couple months had not yet gone to waste. That was why this attack today was so important and why he wanted to make sure that it went without a hitch.

Vladimir hadn’t been expecting a fight at the end of this trip, so when his reaper told him the good news, he’d been pleasantly surprised. Even from this distance, the reaper could tell that something was amiss by the way the souls moved, seemingly clashing with one another, some even in mid-air. There were also many souls present which were apparently not involved in the conflict, but those were probably just the hostages that Desmond and his comrades had brought along.

“Can you tell how many opponents there are?” Vladimir said in his native Bolenese.

Not sure,’ said his reaper, ‘but unless Desmond has already lost multiple fighters, there can’t be more than three or four enemies.

Vladimir’s small car rumbled down the muddy road, following close behind the two ahead of him. “I hate getting wet. They’d better give us a decent fight, at least.”

That’s stupid. I hope they die in seconds.

He laughed. “That would just be embarrassing.”

A white pillar shot up into the sky at a distance, glowing bright and cutting through the rain clouds.

Oh hell! Stop the car! Turn around right now!

“What? Why?”

Do it!

Vladimir didn’t have much choice in the matter as the cars in front of him stopped as well. Even for their compact vehicles, there wasn’t much space on the road, so the other servants got out and started flipping the cars around with their bare hands. Begrudgingly, Vladimir began to do the same.

Hurry up, you slow ass! Desmond’s people are dropping like flies!

“Oh, come on,” he said. “They can’t be that str--”

Oh god! Here it comes!


  1. Hoooh boy...I guess at the speed Harper is traveling, the safe zone is...probably outside of a ten mile radius. Or more.

  2. What I don't get is why the Abolish reapers don't fly directed up into the sky or, better yet, go underground? Why try fleeing at ground level, that's idiocy

  3. Who's Vladimir? Is he someone we've met before or we're just getting his POV before he and his reaper is eviscerated?

  4. At the speed he's going?
    Probably more than that.

  5. he was an abolish member that infiltrated rendon

  6. they didnt even have time to react or think properly im guessing. getting that surprised probably didnt give them the calmness or chance to think logically. and even so, im sure that harper having as much experience as he does probably has some ability to deal with underground reapers. hector is 5 months in and already developing a technique for that

  7. That still doesn't explain why the reapers only chose the escape route with the highest chance of dying.

  8. Umm thank you, I suppose. However, your comment didn't actually answer my question. I just wanted to know if we've met the dude before. I easily gathered what you said from the chapter itself...