Monday, February 17, 2014

Page 564

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Hector searched for his motorcycle as he ran, expecting to find a smoldering pile of scrap, but there it was, untouched and right where he’d left it.

“Hey, put me down,” said Roman as they reached the bike. Hector did so, and Roman proved capable of standing again.

“Get on, and I’ll--” The sentence died in Hector’s throat as he turned.

Harper was right there in front of him.

Hector leaned backward, eyes widening. The look on Harper’s face was especially unsettling, because it was one that he’d seen before. It was just like Stoker’s. Half-asleep, seemingly unaware or even conscious. The only difference was that Stoker had been twitchy, whereas Harper still moved rather smoothly as he poked his head closer, perhaps curiously.

Don’t attack him, Hector!’ said Garovel. ‘Just let him look at you.

O-okay,’ said Hector, trying not to sound terrified. After everything he’d faced in the past, he’d nearly forgotten what it was like to feel genuine fear. Without a doubt, this was a much more effective reminder than necessary.

Harper’s head turned, and then in a blink, he was gone again, leaving an equivalently tall streak of light behind as he went after Nola next.

Her reaper went down first, and Nola hardly had enough time to look confused before a luminous pillar burned through her skull.

Seeing how quickly the man could dispatch people, Hector didn’t understand why Harper had just let him and Roman go. But he decided that now wasn’t the time to question it. He mounted his bike with Roman behind him. He found the dirt road, as well as the Queen in her black sedan, already ahead of him.

She soon stopped, however, as they arrived at a group of armored vehicles. It was the soldiers that Abolish had kidnapped.


The border guards had proved rather stubborn, trying to stop them from crossing into Atreya. Vladimir had briefly considered merely waiting for Desmond and his comrades to cross into Rendon first, but that would have required far too much patience. And besides, he hadn’t gotten to kill anyone in ages, and those guards had really annoying faces. It was definitely the correct decision, he felt.


  1. Since I've gotten behind, I've been marking pages as posted on the day that they were SUPPOSED to posted rather than the day that they WERE posted, because I felt it was preferable from an organizational standpoint. But I think I'm gonna stop doing that now, 'cuz it's probably more confusing than helpful. It looks like I haven't posted any pages in a week, and indeed, I am that far behind, but I HAVE been posting pages throughout the week--just at a slower pace 'n yeah.

    Anywho. I'm gonna aim for 60 pages for February. It's a tall order, considering how far behind I still and how February's already a shorter month, so we'll see. I at least want 55 pages. I'll be trying to maintain a pace of 3-4 pages a day.


  2. Thank you!
    But please, please don't overdo it.

    Best regards from Israel!

  3. Haha. Theirs was a love that could never be.

  4. Ok note to self, never tick off Harper....can we let him at the crazy prince?

  5. If you mean Luther, I don't see why. That would end in half a second. Let him stew in jail, and then get judged and sentenced by the system he murdered and temporarily turned the country over to homicidal maniacs to destroy. Far worse. Far more poetic justice.

  6. Not sure about this:
    "The look on Harper’s face was especially unsettling, because it was one that he[’d] had seen before."

    The contraction makes this "a look he had had seen before" which isn't any tense I recognize.

  7. Yep, that was definitely a typo. Fixed now, thanks.


    Anyway, so Harper is not even fully conscious, that's unsettling. Is he just reacting to souls? And wasn't Garovel alarmed that Harper would attack them? So how come he didn't? At first, I thought it's because Hector didn't attack first but that doesn't explain why Harper obliterated the Abolishers as they were fleeing. If he really is hunting by sensing souls, then that explains what Darsihm meant by them committing their allies to memory. I actually thought he meant he'd always remember their bravery cause they killed them or something like that but this seems more plausible

  9. T_T

    C'mon, it was our version of Hermione/Draco!

  10. So much for the David X Nola pairing