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Page 547 -- LXIII.

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“Who are you?” said the soldier.

“Not important.” Roman adjusted his spectacles, which had also benefited from his soul-enhancements. “Listen, I’ve gotta go now. I’ll try to return soon with new transportation for you guys, but if I’m not back within half a day, then you should just start walking, because I’m probably dead.”

“Wait a minute. What do we do if the Rendon military shows up?”

That’s very likely to happen,’ said Voreese. ‘They probably have jets already en route. These guys should just explain that they were taken hostage and surrender peacefully.

Roman relayed the information.

“Are you serious?” said the soldier.

“Quite.” And Roman ran off, getting some distance before launching himself into the sky again.

Chapter Sixty-Three: ‘Of advancing borders...’
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News of the princes’ deaths broke, followed by reports of superpowered assassins and terrorists, and followed again by the revelation of Luther’s incarceration.

David was still confused, still unsure what to make of everything. The game had literally changed overnight--perhaps even for the better. It was an unsavory thought, given three of his brothers had been killed, weighing heavily on his heart, but at the same time, they had been traitors and, yes, obstacles to Atreya’s recovery. And already, the power of the Crown was beginning to fall upon his head.

Only, it wasn’t so easy as that.

He didn’t yet know whether he had real power or not. Abolish could still return at anytime and force him to do whatever insane thing they desired, so as much as he wanted to address the nation and give an honest speech about the tumult behind everything, he knew it would have to wait.

So David took his time to “grieve.” He needed it, anyway.

Hunched over in his chair with his head in his hands, David just tried to think. What was the most pressing concern? The biggest problem? Figuring that out took him a while.

The potential outbreak of war. That was the biggest. And this news of royal death could have a profound impact on it. Atreya’s relationship with Rendon was tenuous at best, what with all the talk of increased tension every day, thanks to Abolish’s propaganda.


  1. "Abolish could still return at anytime"
    Should this be "any time"?

  2. Ah, this one is correct as it is. "Any time" means more like "any amount of time" or "any specific time" (as in, "He couldn't make the meeting, because he simply didn't have any time." or "Is there any time tomorrow when I can reach you?"); whereas, "anytime" is basically just synonymous with "whenever" (as in, "We can go anytime you like." or "She told him to drop by anytime.")

  3. Oh, thanks for clarifying. I actually thought "any time" meant "whenever".

  4. I feel for David. His family has been torn asunder by this shit.

    ...and his girlfriend is bout to get her ass whooped

  5. Since when was David not single?

  6. Was joking bout that Abolish servant, Nola lol

  7. I would beg to differ; I believe that "any time" is the correct usage in this particular case. I can offer no examples to prove myself, but it just... sounds wrong.