Sunday, February 9, 2014

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Mm?’ said Garovel privately. ‘What’s Harper--?

Light erupted out of the tower around Harper, a beacon straight up, cleaving the sky in two and dispersing the rain clouds around it.

Oh fuck!’ said Garovel.

Then the tower exploded, and a huge wave of force washed over the area. Hector felt it pass through him, but it didn’t knock him over like it did for the Abolishers. He wasn’t sure why until he saw Roman’s fist in the air, though Roman himself was still incapable of standing.

Grab Roman and run,’ said Garovel.

Hector didn’t need to be told twice. ‘What the hell is happening?!’ he said as he hoisted Roman over his shoulder. The man said something, but Hector couldn’t hear him. ‘Is it emergence?!

No. Harper’s entering one of the hyper states--something called “pan-rozum.” I highly doubt he’s old enough to fully control something like that.

You mean he’s gonna attack us, too?!

I’d rather not find out. We’re all dead, if he does.

Harper’s movements were decidedly inhuman. Hector’s eyes couldn’t even follow him. It looked like the man was teleporting, the only evidence to the contrary being the straight trails of fleeting white light that Harper left in his wake. One moment, he stood at the center of the crumbled tower, and the next, he was in front of Andres, arm through the Abolisher’s chest. And the moment after that, Andres was dead, decapitated in a cloud of blood, along with the reaper behind him.

Everyone scattered.

Harper went for Conall, encountering brief resistance from the aluminum. Very brief. The trail of light bounced off the mirror wall and then went up and over, getting behind Conall faster than he could even turn around. Harper split the man down the center with a glowing arm. Conall’s reaper was already fleeing, but it made no difference. A white laser turned the skeleton to vapor.

Hector could hardly believe his eyes. They were nothing to Harper. And they all knew it. Karkash was already gone, flown off as soon as he realized what they were up against.


  1. So he BECAME light? Is that what happened? If so could hector become metal, having the immovable object status?

  2. Hyper state huh? Another level of Servant prowess is revealed. Only the degree though, not really much of what it consists of. His speed could be a result of the state affecting his ability, or it could be that he has simply, physically, gone hyper on the usual enhancements of Servants.

    That said, he probably wouldn't leave a light trail then. But I don't believe becoming your ability (light or metal) fits into the power scheme here at all. Most likely he simply is gone hyper in all respects. The light trail could be overflow (a result of imperfect control?)

    And the timeline for Hector to be able to take on an Emperor just got a lot longer. Over twenty years and he can't fully control this state. You'll either have to employ some time leaps between plots (not a bad idea at all really, you could pull some great meta plots that way), or pass on the telling of this story to your great grandchildren.

  3. I highly doubt he became light. I highly doubt such a things fits into the rules of this universe.

  4. He said, reading the web serial about magical grim reaper ghost powered superzombies manifesting fifty-metre meteors from nothing, enhancing tensile strength through their souls, and struggling to find the most grotesque way to use a body part as ammunition/a weapon.

  5. There ARE rules though. He has laid down very carefully thought out internal logic, as ALL good fantasy's do. To justify what just happened, he will need to explain it within the bounds of those rules, that internal logic. Said logic has nothing on reality of course but that does NOT mean 'anything goes'. That's for much more inferior fantasy writers than our Frost.

  6. Well, anyway, there's a nice little packet of exposition in a couple chapters, so hang on tight. It actually works pretty well within the framework.

  7. Holy shit...he really did go Super Saiyan...

    Ok, "panzorum". And it's ONE of the hyper-states. Scary thought. Is this something all top tiers can do? Good lord, there are 4 ranks above Harper for crying out loud! Hector is nowhere near this level of power!

    I only guess I have as to what happened is Harper somehow combined with Darsihm. I mean, where the fuck did the reaper go? He could still be there and everyone is just focusing on Harper but I don't think so. Now, how could combining cause such power, I have absolutely no idea.