Saturday, February 8, 2014

Page 554 -- LXIV.

The sparks only increased, heating up the air to the point that Hector could feel his flesh searing. He tried to raise more spires, to make them taller and more robust, but the lightning was ripping into them as soon as they formed now, stunting their growth, making Hector’s iron accumulate irregularly, if at all.

You need more,’ said Garovel, somehow very calm. ‘C’mon, Hector. Do it.

Shit!’ Hector’s muscles all tensed as the surges drew ever closer. He started coating himself in metal just so that the electricity would come for him and not Garovel.

But abruptly, the lightning ceased.

Hector’s eyes were too damaged to see what was happening. They would only need a few seconds to regenerate and restore his vision, but Garovel could still see just fine and so informed him immediately.

Roman’s back.’

Chapter Sixty-Four: ‘The crack of Thunder, the pulse of Fire...’
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Roman tore through the air like a missile, and Karkash was clearly prepared to receive him, no doubt having been warned by his reaper.

Roman didn’t need an introduction. Garovel had of course provided the details of Hector’s past encounters with this man, and ever since Roman heard that Karkash could also fly, he’d been expecting to end up in single combat with him.

They were both alteration users, and they were both highly mobile. The only thing left unclear was the degree to which Karkash could control his lightning. If Hector was able to divert it with the natural conductance of iron, then Karkash’s control couldn’t be too strong, but from Garovel’s account, Karkash could also hone his lightning well enough to even cut through flesh like a blade. This, combined with the knowledge that the man had recently achieved emergence as well, made Roman think this fight would not go as smoothly as the one against Hanjir.

Honestly, though, a part of him had been looking forward to this. He’d never been one much for battle, but recently, he’d found himself growing restless with his power.


  1. I think I understand why Roman has been feeling restless with his power, sonic vibrations are in constant movement. They never stop so now that he has entered emergence his body now has a need to keep being in movement. Its kind of like he is now in a constant state of hyper drive.

  2. "He started coating himself in metal just so that the electricity would come for him and not Garovel."
    Silly Hector. This would have been a perfectly valid defensive strategy even if Garovel hadn't been there. You want the electricity to go AROUND you, instead of THROUGH you.

  3. "and Karkash was clearly prepared to received him"

    pretty sure that should be "receive"

  4. Not gonna lie, I was hoping for Roman vs Karkash

  5. Except for the fact that he's fighting Electro + Magneto, so he'd be crushed instantly when Karkash noticed the metal. He HAS to fight the metal controlling guy unarmored, ESPECIALLY now he can do Electricity arcing between his controlled metals, basically letting him do both at once (if I interpreted it correctly)

  6. Hector['s] muscles

  7. Sebastian KnightJuly 13, 2015 at 8:29 PM

    I don't think that abilities affect the user like that. Has the author stated such? Do you have in-story text supporting this?

  8. no, but it's implied that the reverse is true, that servants get abilities that reflect traits of their personality.

  9. Sebastian KnightJuly 14, 2015 at 7:33 AM

    I'm still on page 579.

  10. So that means that Hector got his iron because he's cold? Or ironhard to socialize with?

  11. Ah Steve is your brother. That explains why I always felt you two had similar writing styles.

  12. Perhaps because he can take a lot of punishment? I mean, or course, emotionally with his parents.