Sunday, February 9, 2014

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Helen made a fist and punched the dirt in order to give herself the leverage to climb back to her feet. Her regeneration was already pushing the chunks of broken wood out of her flesh, and she could feel her shattered bones reforming.

As her ear drums restored themselves, she heard more explosions, quite close. They sounded like Desmond’s, being preceded by that distinct and low sizzle. She could feel drops of rain as well, few and faint, perhaps just now starting to fall.

Hurry,’ said Mehlsanz. The reaper was not without her wounds, either. Thin plumes of white-and-black smoke rose out of the ghost’s backside and upper right arm.

Helen rushed back toward the battle.

And from that point, it was utter mayhem.

Every combatant was present again. All hope of keeping formation was lost in a mad scramble. Lightning hacked Hector’s arm off. Flames engulfed Andres. A shower of yellow crystals riddled the Queen with holes before an iron wall rose to her defense. A beam of light claimed one of Karkash’s legs. A forest fire devoured trees in the background, and no one was in any position to stop it from spreading, but perhaps the rain would render that unnecessary.

I can hardly tell what is happening!’ said Helen. She bounded out of the way of another swarm of crystals.

We’re slowly losing ground,’ said Mehlsanz privately. ‘And it’s about to get worse. I sense six new souls approaching quickly from the direction of Rendon, and given the situation, they’re probably Abolish, too.

An iron spire shot up next to Helen, and then lightning crashed against it. She squinted against the blinding flash while struggling to maintain her concentration. ‘Should we retreat?!

Maybe,’ said Mehlsanz, ‘but we probably wouldn’t get away--on your right!

The top of the tree next to her erupted, making the whole thing groan and topple over. Helen leapt out of the way. ‘There must be something we can do.’ She went to work on her arms, focusing and flexing in order to reestablish the calcium carbonate. Her peachy skin turned pale white as it hardened, cracking here and there.


  1. I should have wondered it long ago, but just thought of it now. Where does the energy for using the powers come from? Servants use their will to direct whatever energy... The void is giving them the power... So where does the void get it? Maybe Abolish has some points. Maybe the void is manipulating both sides...
    I think the void has a will and is hungry.
    The void just wants more souls to eat. Consume. It gives the reapers power to take a servant, have them have a special power to manipulate physics in a specific way. And the reapers are also charged with guiding souls on. The guiding souls on gives the void the energy to grant. The energy and powers to grant help get more souls.
    If either side "won", the void would be unhappy. If the Vanguard won, then people would just live as normal, and the void's appetite would be unsatisfied. But if Abolish wins, then there are no more souls at all! So it needs Vanguard to keep people living and creating more souls. And Abolish to keep wars going so it can eat the souls.
    And Aberrations are like mini voids. So hard to create, a merging of souls and bodies and powers in such a way, and what does it create? A person who delights in killing and obtains power from each soul it consumes. Mini voids.
    So. These are my thoughts, typed up at 4:00 in the morning. Glancing over it, I'm amazed I don't have too many typos.

  2. I just now realized that Desmond is pretty much a psychotic minecraft creeper.
    ssssssss *BOOM*

  3. I think those new souls are Vanguard agents

  4. So why do no servants drink or smoke or do drugs the regeneration would keep them from getting diseases

  5. Probably because it's a little bit dark to have main characters with substance abuse problems. And it costs money. And when you have superpowers, it's a little irresponsible to impair your judgement or accuracy. It'd be like drinking and driving, but with pillars of deadly elements.

  6. And fates of entire countries in the balance