Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Page 552

As he tossed Desmond’s corpse aside, Harper was already turning to receive Andres, but the other man was suddenly reluctant, perhaps deterred by the sight of his comrade’s quick death.

Harper prepared a beam of light with one hand and stalked closer to Andres. Predictably, Conall’s aluminum rose to Andres’ defense, so Harper leapt forward and instead of shooting it with light, he bashed through with a soul-strengthened punch.

Andres fled behind more crystal and aluminum walls, and Harper might have given chase if not for the need to keep formation. If the enemies lured him too far away from the Queen, then they’d be able to sacrifice one or two of their pawns to keep him busy while they ganged up on her. He could not let that happen.

He spared a beam of light for Nola, catching her right through the torso and allowing the Queen to send her flying again.

On your left,’ warned Darsihm.

Harper saw Tessa there, fully regenerated and bearing down on him. And she’d pulled her hand back behind her, concealing it from view. Harper knew better than to gamble on an unknown power, so he played it safe and merely readied himself. And when Tessa threw her hand forward, Harper saw the air visibly distort along a straight path toward him.

He dove out of the way, rolling onto one knee, and then leveled a beam at her. Aluminum was already there, reflecting it, and then Tessa’s path of destruction broke through from the other side, gunning for him again.

Harper’s strength went to his legs and he fired himself away from the ground, up and over the path.

Crystal above you,’ said Darsihm.

Barely even seeing it himself, Harper busted through and sent yellow shards raining down below, along with two more beams of light, one from each hand.


Hector was getting really sick of having to fight Karkash. And unlike previous times, he had to keep Karkash focused on himself. If he tried to do something clever, it’d probably just result in Karkash going off to fight Harper or the Queen instead--and they both had enough to deal with already.


  1. Actually, I'm also getting sick of fighting Karkash...can we please kill him quickly this time?

  2. Thank you! But I'm assuming this is the last fight against Karkash. Even Geoffrey only lasted 3 battles

  3. Harper is a beast. Fighting multiple enemies and not getting pressured.

    Karkash needs to die, like yesterday