Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Page 566

Vladimir turned in time to see one of the cars get speared by a surge of light and explode. The accompanying servant flew back into a roadside tree, and their reaper didn’t get very far before being impaled by a bar of white light.

There was hardly time to react, hardly even a chance to glimpse the attacker. His own reaper was simply vaporized in an instant. Vladimir was not given the opportunity to lose his mind. Light engulfed his vision as he died.


Hector watched the Queen take charge, directing the soldiers who seemed utterly shocked by her presence.

“You must all retreat from here now!” she told them. “That is an order!”

“Yes, ma’am!” said multiple voices, apparently quite keen to leave as they scrambled back into their vehicles.

Helen looked to Roman next. “Mr. Fullister, take the reapers away from here as quickly as possible. As long as the reapers are far enough away, Harper will not be able to sense them, yes?”

“Right, good thinking.” The man’s body was mostly restored by now. Voreese was already attached to his back, so he moved to gather the other two reapers up.

Here,’ said Garovel, giving Hector one last boost of strength and regeneration. Mehlsanz did the same for the Queen.

Then Roman was off with his three passengers, bursting through the sky again, up and over the trees.

“Hector, you and I will ride with the soldiers and help them escape.” She motioned to the adjacent vehicles as the engines roared to life. The ones at the other end of the column were already started back down the road.

Everything was happening so fast. He didn’t have much time to process it all, but he at least understood that these soldiers were in the most danger. He mounted his motorcycle again, and the Queen decided to jump into one of the cars with a group of soldiers. He brought up the rear as the last cars began moving.

Hector built giant walls behind the group, knowing they probably wouldn’t delay Harper more than a second, if that.


  1. Earlier frosty gravelol said harper entered ONE of the hyper-states I was wondering is there more then just becoming what element or power you manifested? If so would we see them any time soon?

  2. Alteration is changed
    he changed into light

  3. Wouldent it be cool if hector covered himself in full armor then made a bunch of iron duplicates to hide himself I don't mean right now but in the future it would be a cool trick for a certain type of opponent

  4. did a bit of google tranlsating on pan-rozum. Translates from Polish (according to Google Translate) as Master-mind.
    It seems that comment about Harper committing them to memory means that he has to remember who is his allies in this battle, or he'll just indiscriminately kill them all.

  5. That's two who think he changed into light...even though he continued to have a physical body, and even though it doesn't tally with his ability at all - alteration is the ability to manipulate an existing force, not change of any sort. I don't think changing into light is possible as per the rules and logic of this story. I doubt even the Transformation ability can.

    Judging by what it said about his expression when he stopped by Hector, he has basically submerged much of his conscious self to allow his abilities - including his physical enhancements - to shoot through the roof. They've kinda taken over him right now.

  6. Now why didn't *I* think of looking up the name? Good one. And fits with the state of mind he seems to be in, as described by Hector when he stopped in front of him. Master-mind - he's allowed his mind to be mastered by his body and his Servant nature. Or something like that. In that state, if he did not know who his allies were on a deep enough level, he'd just kill them too.

  7. Roman is a lot faster than a reaper can fly, right? So the reapers have to attach themselves to him? I wasn't aware that reapers can attach themselves to a servant who isn't their own.

  8. Technically, they're not attaching themselves to him here. He grabs them with his soul power and carries them.

    I suppose I could edit that in here to make it clearer, but it's not super important for this part of the story, so I'll just address it later if/when it becomes necessary.

  9. Interesting. I don't remember if you explained this at some point... does sul power have a range or something? Could the reapers get free if they wanted to? Could something else (high speeds, someone else's soul power) tear the reapers from his grip?

  10. Wow good move googling the word. I should remember to do that next time we get something like this. And I can't believe I was right bout Harper remembering his allies' souls. We'll see

  11. Three thoughts -

    One, I hadn't even thought of the Atreyan troops. If my guess is correct, then they're in danger as Harper doesn't know their souls and will attack them.

    Two, I still don't understand why the reapers can't escape underground while Harper is occupied with the servants. This goes for both sides.

    Three, something tells me it's gonna come down to Harper vs Hector trying to delay him. It's the effect of being the MC...a having bad luck.

    Side Note: Poor Vladimir...NOT!

  12. He wouldn't be able to make the copies move though