Wednesday, January 10, 2018

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You made me feel like an asshole for saying that, too! And I was right the whole time! You’re a cheater, y’know that?!

A religious surprise party is not a real thing, Garovel! And a shrine is not a party!

It could be! Depends on how you spin it!

Hector was lost for words.

The nerve of this guy,’ huffed Garovel. ‘And to think, you even tried to make me feel like I was cheating, didn’t you? Was that because you knew that you were the one who was cheating all along?

I wasn’t cheating.

Seriously, how could you do such a thing?

I didn’t.

Hector, this is a betrayal of the highest order.

No, it isn’t.

I’m speechless.

Oh, I wish you were.

Y’know what? I take back all the nice things I said about you just now.

You didn’t say any nice things about me.

Well, maybe I was thinking them, then. I take back those thoughts.

Okay? Ouch, I guess.

I’m glad you understand.’ The reaper drifted over to the side of Hector’s field of view. ‘By the way, what made you want to build a bunch of religious shrines in Warrenhold?

Oh, uh... well, I’ve kinda been thinking about it for a while, really. Pretty much since we first got there, actually.


It was just, uh... Some of those rooms that we saw. They were in total ruins, but they looked like they used to be really pretty. The rainbow shrines in particular. I guess, ah... I guess ever since I saw those, I’ve been wondering what those shrines were actually used for. Because, I mean, all eight of Warrenhold’s towers have one, so they were probably pretty important to someone, right?

Rainbow shrines...?

Hector blinked. ‘Do you not remember them?

Um. Sure I do. They were--ah--very colorful, weren’t they?

Hector laughed. ‘You really don’t remember?

Kind of? Not really.

Wow. This is the first time I’ve remembered something that you didn’t.

Alright, don’t get all cocky. Your little shrines probably just didn’t impress me enough to make me remember them, is all.

I see.

Anyway, I don’t think a shrine of the Rainlords’ water god is typically supposed to be rainbow-colored. So are you gonna completely tear the shrines down and rebuild them?

Might have to, considering how destroyed they were. I’d kinda like to preserve the rainbow coloring, though, if I can. It seems like it could have some historical significance or something.

Hmm, maybe.

Do you know of any religion that used rainbow-colored shrines?

Can’t say that I do. But that coloration might be all the clue we need. Perhaps Stasya built those shrines as a tribute to ALL religions, not just one.

I was thinking that, too, actually. It would make sense with what Voreese said about Stasya wanting Warrenhold to become a center of trade between the surface and the Undercrust. She could’ve wanted those shrines to be welcoming of all different faiths.

Well. The ones that can get along with one another, at least.

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