Monday, January 8, 2018

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That gave the reaper pause. ‘What do you want?

Hector already had something in mind. ‘I want... you to tell me more about your past.

Garovel met his gaze evenly for a moment. ‘My past, huh?


Could you narrow it down a little? I’ve got more than three thousand years’ worth, remember?

Hmm.’ Hector folded his armored arms. ‘Alright. Then I want you to tell me something that you’ve never told any of your previous servants before.

Garovel was quiet again.

And it has to be something significant, too,’ Hector added. ‘Not like... just a story about how you once ate a nice meal and went to sleep or some bullshit like that.

...Alright,’ said Garovel. ‘I can agree to that.

Okay, then.’

It looks like we’ve got ourselves a game.

Yeah, it does.

A briefly heavy intermission passed as they stared at one another, letting the ambient hissing and rumbling of Himmekel fill the air.

Hector had to break the silence for a confession, however. ‘...With all this build up, though, I’ve kinda forgotten what the game was even about.

I have to guess what it is that you’re obviously trying to hide from me.

...I’m trying to hide something from you?

Yes! Something to do with your sudden interest in gods! Don’t try to act all innocent now, Hector! It won’t work!

Oh, right, yeah. I remember what it was now. Sorry.

Yeah, right. You’re a sneaky little bastard, you know that?

Shut up and take your three guesses already.

Alright, I will! For my first guess... I’m gonna say that you’re thinking of converting to a religion. And the reason you’ve been keeping it from me is because you think I’ll disapprove. Which I probably will, but that’s beside the point.


What?! Bullshit! You know this game doesn’t work if you lie, right?!

I’m not lying, Garovel. I haven’t been thinking about converting to any religion.

Then what the--? Gah... Fine. Hmm. For my second guess... I’ll say... you’re planning some sort of religious surprise party.

Hector squinted. ‘...What the hell is a “religious surprise party?”

Like a... celebration of something religious, I guess?’ said Garovel.

Isn’t that a little vague? I mean, it’s still wrong as fuck, but shouldn’t these guesses be more specific? I feel like it’s cheating if you can just say shit that’s too generalized or whatever.

Oh, shut up. I’m on my last guess here.

Yes, you are.


Don’t cheat now,’ said Hector.

Fuck yourself.

Hector just laughed.

Alright, then,’ said Garovel. ‘Final guess. Hmm... What would you be trying to hide from me? Agh... shit. I’ll be honest. I really thought it was that first thing. Goddammit, Hector.

Don’t look at me like that. You’re not getting any sympathy from me. There is some real shit on the line here.

You’re a dick.

And you’re a jackass.

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