Sunday, January 7, 2018

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Alternatively, it’s possible that even the successful mutation users themselves didn’t understand their own power well enough to be able to explain to anyone else. I’ve heard about that happening among their kind. Accidental breakthroughs and such.

...Then, isn’t it possible that Avar himself was just a really powerful servant?

Of course.

So you agree that Avar could’ve actually existed, then?

In some form, sure. But not as a true god.

Hector was abruptly reminded of his conversation with Eleyo. ‘What would you consider to be a “true god,” in that case?

As in, an otherworldly being with untold knowledge and power. Descended from a higher plane of existence, perhaps.

So you don’t think Rasalased is a true god?

No. Powerful as he was--or IS, I guess--he still has pretty obvious limitations. Otherwise, he would’ve put a stop to that fight at Dunehall himself, don’t you think?

That was a pretty good point, Hector felt. But still, he wanted to keep prodding. ‘So... a god can’t have limitations?

Mm,’ said Garovel. ‘That’s pretty much my whole problem with the term “god” in a nutshell right there. It’s unscientific and not well-defined. By certain standards, I’m sure Sermung could be considered a god. But so what? What does labeling him that tell us? That he’s just really powerful? We already know that. If anything, all it would do is build up a weird, cult-like mystique around the guy--which is something I would find extremely dangerous and intensely creepy.

Hmm...’ Hector was running out of arguments. ‘I guess you’re right...

Garovel laughed. ‘You sound so disappointed. Do you really want true gods to exist that badly?

Ah... I don’t know if I’d say that I WANT them to. But I’m just... trying to keep an open mind, I guess.

Given the many, many fables I’ve heard about all these gods over the years, I’m quite glad that they don’t exist, myself.

Really? There’s not even ONE god you like?

Oh, sure. There are several I “like,” as fictional characters. But I certainly wouldn’t “like” it if they were running around out there, doing all sorts of crazy shit all the time.

Hmm. Who’s your favorite god, then?

Garovel hesitated. ‘From a purely fictional standpoint, you mean?

Of course.

...Well, I’m quite partial to Cocora, I suppose.

Hector blinked inside his helmet. ‘Really? I... I wouldn’t have guessed that.

Why not?

I... I don’t know. I mean, why is she your favorite?

Mm, I guess I just find the whole “purity” and “goodness” shtick to be pretty appealing. In her stories, she’s always very compassionate and so forth.


Why do you keep sounding so surprised?

I just... I didn’t picture you as a fanboy for the Goddess of Light.

“Fanboy?” Really, Hector?

It’s okay, Garovel. I understand.

Oh, you do, huh?

Hey, is that the real reason why you decided to go to Atreya originally? So you could hang out with all the other Cocora lovers?

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