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“Yeah, but how often do you get a chance to flip a table with a game board on it?!” said Damian. “It’s a rare and precious opportunity that should be taken advantage of!” He threw Cisco a less-than-apologetic look. “You weren’t still playing that were you, Mr. Ellis?”

“I guess not,” said Cisco dryly. ‘Ellis’ had been Dennex’s concoction, apparently considering it best not to chance anyone here recognizing the name ‘Elroy.’

“I got you a present, too,” said Damian. “I figured Dunstan’s best friend could be an honorary member of our family, especially since you don’t have one of your own.”

Agh, try to have a little more tact,’ said Feromas. He turned his skeletal wolf’s head toward Cisco. ‘Sorry about him.

“It’s fine,” said Cisco.

That, too, had been Dennex’s doing, the logic being that they didn’t want this Damian fellow to go check up on the non-existent Ellis family in an attempt to corroborate their story.

By the time Damian started pulling presents out, the Rofals had all gathered in the main room, even Dunstan and Rezamaar.

“Now, first, we of course have our snow globes,” said Damian. He held out one in each hand, shaking them both to make the white flakes in the water begin floating. “When I saw these, I obviously had to buy all of them, so don’t be shy now! I have enough for everyone! Go on, everybody take one!”

Despite saying that, Cisco somehow ended up with three globes in his hands. One was of a snowman and a candlestick-man punching each other. Another was of a dragon burning down a snowy village. And the third was of a lion roaring on a snow-capped mountain.

Cisco had no idea where he was supposed to put these.

Then Damian started pulling out firearms. He handed them out like they were candy.

“I was only able to get pistols, but that should be fine for now,” said Damian. “They’re not loaded, of course, but I’ll show you all how to use them later.”

“I think most of us here already know how, Father,” said a middle-aged woman, who Cisco recalled as being Dunstan’s mother, Cecilia.

“Oh, of course you do, sweetheart, but it never hurts to brush up on the basics. Wouldn’t want any of you accidentally hurting yourselves. You, especially, Cecilia. I bet you haven’t fired one of these since you were little.”

“You might be surprised,” said Cecilia darkly. “I wanted to be ready, in case you ever visited me again.”

Damian gave her an unconcerned look. “And how well did that work out for you?” he said, wide-eyed and smiling.

She just scowled.

“If you’re a good girl, maybe I’ll tell you how you can actually kill me, one day!”

Don’t do that,’ said Feromas. ‘Oh god, please don’t do that.

Cecilia smacked her lips as she inspected her new pistol.

Cisco was surprised to receive a firearm, too. He checked to see if it really wasn’t loaded, and indeed, the detachable magazine was empty.

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