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“Oh, and I also got some coloring books,” said Damian. “I remember how a lot of you guys liked those.”

“When we were six, maybe,” someone said.

Damian glanced over his audience again. “Okay, maybe I got those for me. I’m just saying--feel free to take advantage of them, if you want. I won’t be upset.”

Cisco heard Feromas sighing.

“Ooh! And here’s the best part!” Damian rummaged through the last few bags and pulled out two armfuls of red leather with black stripes. “Matching jackets! Now we can be like a proper gang! Or a team! Yeah! Team Rofal!”

Cisco had to set his other gifts down in order to receive this one. The back had an elaborate and admittedly impressive design on it--silvery wings burning with red-and-black flames, all placed in front of two giant, menacing eyes, which also carried flames in their pupils.

It also had “C. Ellis” emblazoned on the front. It was even the right size.

And as much as he didn’t want to admit it, Cisco actually kind of liked it.

The other Rofals gave various--though not necessarily unreceptive--grumbles as they examined their own jackets.

After that, Damian sat everyone down to explain a few things. Namely, he told them about the existence of reapers and servants. He informed them of the existence of the Vanguard and Abolish, as well as Sai-hee.

Cisco knew all of this already, of course, as did Dunstan, but most of the audience looked like they didn’t believe him at all. Until he ripped off his own hand and grew it back right in front of them. Dunstan even spoke up at one point to say that Damian was, in fact, not just being his usual crazy self.

Once the pieces finally started to fall into place for everyone, perhaps realizing previous mysteries in their own lives were suddenly being solved, they began asking questions, chief among them coming from the eldest woman of the group, Damian’s wife, a woman that Cisco had yet to get an actual name for, as everyone had just been calling “Mother” or “Grandma.”

“Why in the world have you waited so long to tell us all of this?!” she said, sounding equal parts furious and confused.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” said Damian. “I didn’t want you guys spreading all this information around and causing a stir. The whole reason I wanted to start this family was to lay low for a while, not draw attention. And let me tell you, it would’ve been very bad if either the King of the Fairies or the King of the Demons found out about us!”

Aaand he’s gone again,’ said Rezamaar, though the Rofals didn’t seem to know what to make of it.

Damian looked at the reaper. “I didn’t go anywhere. And the Demon King is totally real. He’s the Great Deceiver! The Stealer of Hopes and Dreams!”

Oh, well, excuse me for doubting you,’ said Reza. ‘And the Fairy King? He’s real, too, I take it?

“Of course! He’s the Goody Guardian! The Wings of Judgment!”

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